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Why is it worth ordering custom-made furniture?

As a manufacturer, we offer custom-made furniture and we make furniture according to individual projects or inspirations. Are you thinking about buying a piece of furniture, but you need to adjust the dimensions? We will create custom-made furniture that will be exactly what you need!

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Why is it worth choosing custom-made furniture?

Custom-made furniture has many advantages and benefits that make it a good option for many people. Here are a few reasons why you should consider custom-made furniture:

  • Individual design: Custom-made furniture allows you to customize the design to your own preferences and style. You can choose the colors, materials, shapes, and sizes that best suit your interior, which makes the furniture perfectly suited to your taste.
  • Optimal use of space: With custom-made furniture, you can optimize the use of the available space. You don’t have to worry that standard furniture won’t fit into unusual or small rooms. Made-to-measure furniture is adapted to any space, which helps to save space.
  • Durability and quality: our furniture is made of oak wood with attention to detail and the highest quality.
  • Functionality: oak furniture tailored to you will allow you to match the smallest details so that they are as functional as possible.
  • Uniqueness: Whether it’s bathroom furniture or bedside tables, individual furniture will be unique, which adds originality to your interior. You won’t have the same furniture as others, which creates a unique character for your home.
  • Satisfaction and comfort: Being able to create furniture exactly according to your needs and tastes brings great satisfaction. By creating the perfect oak furniture for yourself, you create a space that is comfortable and functional.



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Furniture with a soul – handmade

We create solid furniture made of natural oak wood of various sizes and forms. In our offer you will find chests of drawers, tables, desks, bookcases and wardrobes of the highest quality. On the website you will find furniture in loft, industrial or Scandinavian style. Thanks to manual production, the furniture gains a unique and one-of-a-kind look. There are many reasons why you might consider buying such furniture, and here are a few of them:

  • Uniqueness: Handmade furniture is usually unique, which means you won’t find it in mass production. They are created by craftsmen or small manufactories, which gives the furniture a unique character.
  • Exceptional quality: we create furniture with attention to quality and durability. Our carpenters use high-quality materials and take care of every detail, which translates into furniture that can be used for many years.
  • Customization: Handmade furniture can be customized to suit your individual needs. In cooperation with us, you will create furniture that perfectly meets your expectations and fits into a specific space.
  • Individual design: Handmade furniture allows you to create furniture with a unique design that perfectly suits your taste and style.
  • Sustainable production: Handmade furniture is more sustainable than mass-produced furniture, especially if the artisan uses local, natural materials.
  • History and emotional value: Handmade furniture often has its own history and emotional value.

Oak furniture straight from the Manufacturer

Oak furniture in the form of bookcases or tables are unique products. In our store you will find furniture for your bedroom, living room or dining room. We also create individual furniture according to your idea or inspiration. The exception is kitchen furniture, which we do not produce. We create countertop furniture (desks, tables) and chest furniture (chests of drawers, display cabinets, bookcases). Make the interior of your home take on a unique character and get to know oak furniture from RaWood Furniture.

We create custom-made furniture and according to individual projects.
Send us your inspirations and we’ll take care of the rest!

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