Solid wood furniture

Solid Wood

Solid wood is an excellent material for production, and at the same time durable and unique due to the preservation of its individual characteristics and properties such as structure, grains, knots. Solid wood is a material thanks to which the resulting products are elegant and unique. Solid wood furniture fits perfectly in classic spaces as well as modern lofts. Their uniqueness and original structure makes them easy to adapt to almost any interior.

Solid wood retains its climate and unique charm and over time, like wine, acquires taste, nobility and seriousness. An additional advantage of ecological furniture is their durability and timeless elegance. There is no more beautiful furniture than wooden ones! In addition, it is worth paying attention to their durability and resistance. Compared with panel furniture, solid wood furniture is durable for many years.



Oak wood is hard, resistant to everyday life and durable. It is characterized by clear wood grain of dark color, enriches its branches and high hardness and durability. Solid oak is noble wood, has unique, warm color, which makes it an excellent material for furniture and table top in premium dining tables.

Oak is primarily hard and heavy wood, and what is associated with it very durable and with great strength. Perfectly preserved furniture from centuries ago, just oak, is the best example of durability and 'indestructibility'. Of all the popular wood species used in furniture, oak is really an eternal tree, and furniture made of it is characterized by extraordinary durability


Pine has very expressive appearance, thanks to the dark branches and the light color of the wood, which is also prone to dyeing. Pine furniture gives the interior an extremely cozy atmosphere. Appreciated by allergy sufferers for their electrostatic properties. Pine wood is light and at the same time durable. It has antistatic properties that prevent dust from settling, which further facilitates the maintenance of cleanliness.

Pine furniture is not only practical and safe, but also extremely aesthetically pleasing. They allow the use of various types of finishes - natural oils, waxes, stains, lacquers. Pine wood furniture protected with waxes and oils delights with expressive grain that makes each furniture unique. Pine wood adds a cozy atmosphere to the interior, making us feel relaxed and rested.Wooden pine furniture is natural, ecological and human-friendly.

Old Wood

Old wood is natural and noble. Old wood used in production comes from recycled wood from the demolition of old huts, houses and buildings. Their construction sometimes dates back even to the end of the nineteenth or early twentieth century. Recovered wood is carefully selected.

Old wood is unique because it does not have identical structure. It has natural resistance and a unique smell, thanks to which furniture made of old wood is noble and original, creates an unusual, unique style.

Our wood comes from legal sources from FSC-certified suppliers. Quality of the wood ensures proper seasoning and drying. Some of the wood is extracted from old warehouses and demolitions of centuries-old houses and buildings. This wood is natural and noble.

If you want to make sure even more that you have chosen the right type of material write us. For people interested in buying our furniture we send samples of wood color or selected materials. There is no better way to get to know the material than to touch its texture, to see it both in daylight and in artificial light.