Solid Wood

Solid wood – unique in appearance, pleasant to the touch and above all natural. It is perfect material for production, bacause it is durable and unique in keeping with its individual characteristics and properties such as structure, tree rings and knots.

Solid wood is material which makes the products look elegant and unique. Furniture of solid wood is ideal for classical and modern lofts. Solid wood preserving its climate and unique charm.

Old wood used in production is derived from recovered wood from demolition of old cottage, houses and building. Their building dates sometimes even at the end of the 19th century or beginning of the 20th century. Recovered wood is carefully selected. Old wood adds new furniture uniqueness. This brings unique climate to interior.


Oak wood is hard, resistant to daily use and durable above average. It has vivid dark structure and high hardness and durability. Oak wood is noble wood, with unique warm colour, so it is perfect material for premium furniture.


Pine wood has very vivid appearance thanks to dark tree rings and light colour of wood, which is also susceptible to dyeing. Furniture of pine wood gives the interior very cosy atmosphere. Pine wood is estimated by allergies due to electrostatic properties.


Ash has beautiful contrast color, structure and variety of colors, most often very bright. Ash hardness is similar to oak. Ash wood is distinguished by variety of colours from white to red.

Old wood

Old wood is unique, because it does not have the same structure. It has natural resistance and unique smell, which makes that old wood furniture are precious and original, creating an unusual and unique style.

Our wood comes from legitimate sources from suppliers who has certificate FSC. Quality of wood ensures good seasoning and good drying. Part of wood is recovered from old warehouses and demolition of old houses and buildings. This wood is natural and noble.

If you want to make sure that you have chosen right type of material, please contact us. If you are interested in buying our furniture, we will send you samples of wood or selected materials. There is no better way to know material than touching his structure, watching it in daylight and artificial light.