Industrial furniture – combination of steel and metal

Industrial furniture - combination of wood and metal

Industrial furniture – combination of steel and metal. Arrange living room, bedroom and bathroom!

Industrial furniture has been enjoying unflagging popularity for several years. Clever combination of natural wood with cool expression of metal has become at home not only in our living rooms. Stylizations using furniture in the industrial style also work well in minimalist bedroom, well-designed bathroom, from important arrangement of the kitchen, hallway and even in the garden space! However, it is not worth taking your word for it. In this article, we serve examples that you can use as inspiration!

At the opposite ends of soft fabrics, pompons and earth colors, characteristic of the boho style, there are more loft and cool proposals. Industrial furniture fits perfectly into them. Sharp in the form of word, leaving no understatements. It is the natural power of wood, surrounded by the company of metal. Strong contrast appealed to those expecting more than just element of home furnishings. Such points effectively attract eye and create the atmosphere of the entire interior. Let’s see how to arrange them well.

Industrial hallway furniture – great entrance

Our virtual tour of the dream apartment in the loft style begins, of course, from the hallway. Yes, even here industrial furniture is great. White ones are recommended especially when the entrance to our private world is quite narrow. Thanks to this, we will avoid visual load on space. In addition, the car will be custom-made furniture. Online we will choose model that suits us, and later we will adapt it to our space. There is no question of inconvenience of use or lack of fit!

Industrial chests of drawers in the hallway can act as roomy furniture for all kinds of hats, scarves, hats and even shoes. At the top of the solid wood chest of drawers there will still be a lot of space for basket ‘for important things’ – for example, keys or documents for the car.

Industrial furniture for living room

Wooden furniture for living room is sign that taste and weakness for the highest quality live in the house. Oak tables with metal legs, TV cabinets (modern or in more classic style)… Exclusive furniture for the living room will make the space absolutely unique and impossible to fake.

Modern furniture to living room in industrial style can be combined with other elements of the décor that differ from this characteristic climate. Oak furniture for the living room, if left in the same color palette, will perfectly tune in to metal accessories. We can also decide to go little crazy and make the star of space one of the elements of the interior. Rich offer leaves us a lot of room to show off.

Industrial dining tables are effective eye-catcher. Well chosen, they invite you to long conversations and celebrate special moments. If our living room is not large in size, it is worth considering the folding ones. Then we will always be prepared to receive possible guests, and ‘in everyday life’ we will not overload the space. Modern dining tables from the manufacturer allow you to adjust the size and color to our preferences. This will please especially very demanding customers, for whom the home space must be really refined to perfection.

Industrial oak loft display cabinet to living room office MERIS

Industrial furniture to living room can also play the role of 2in1. That is, to be ornament in itself and place for the most necessary things! We’re in hurry to set good example. Solid wood display cabinet with metal legs looks impressive. It draws attention practically from the entrance. At the top it will accommodate interesting containers, and in its interior a lot of important trifles for us. Thanks to the glazed door, we will show their beauty in all its glory. Favorite books, holiday souvenirs or vases collected for years? They will be a beautiful complement to this modern display cabinet to living room.

Industrial bathroom furniture

Stylistic consistency throughout the living space is important. If we decide on loft, industrial style, let’s not forget to invite him to the bathroom. Offer of bathroom furniture is not as rich as in the case of living room equipment elements, but determined will find interesting gems. Even on the web!

We can opt for furniture made of solid wood to size or from laminated board. The latter option is more economical. However, it should be remembered that it is associated with a decrease in durability.

What finish of bathroom will fit into wooden furniture with metal elements? Here it is worth to bet on cool grays, always the right white or black standing on the opposite side. And also their tasty combinations. Coolness of sophisticated minimalism can be broken by the greenery of plants and fragrant candles. It will be elegant and classy.

Another interesting solution may be floor tiles in the form of mosaic. Here, however, caution will be useful and remain faithful to the previously mentioned colors. Otherwise, we can lead to an arrangement ‘mess’.

Furniture of solid wood and metal in industrial style

Industrial furniture to bedroom

Good sleep? Only in well-designed interior. In the bedroom, we don’t have to give up the combination of wood and metal, fearing excessive ‘cooling’ of this space. If the other rooms have been decorated in this style, let’s focus on stylistic fidelity.

For gray or white walls and black accessories, the industrial style fits perfectly. It gives the bedroom elegance and mystery. Who is afraid of too ‘factory’ climate, can appropriately ‘break it’ with interesting additions. And here it will be useful to base on the previously mentioned colors. It is important to mix them with each other, based on contrast. Using, for example, only the gray shade in accessories, on walls and furniture, we will create bedroom monolith! If not, this is our stylistic assumption – let’s combine classic grays with refined black. Let’s add lightness to the whole, thanks to warm shades of white. How about using them in the form of an interesting bedspread or pillows for the bed?

Solid wood furniture is becoming more and more famous, so you should easily find your dream model for yourself. Examples of typical loft beds don’t have to look far! Wood is wrapped here with black, creating really sophisticated combination. It’s a pity to close your eyes to sleep!

If the bedroom is of considerable size, we can also try to create place to work. Industrial office furniture well suited to the bed can decorate the space. And we, using an oak desk with metal legs, will create an additional, cozy ‘corner for work’. Industrial desks – you will also find in our offer!

Oak table tops. How to use solid table tops at home?

Oak table tops. How to use solid table tops at home?

Oak table tops. How to use solid table tops at home?

When we say ‘table top’, we associate it with kitchen countertop. After all, solid oak tabletops can be used in many other ways! Where do they have equally good application? And why is it worth investing in solid wood furniture? Among other things, this is what you will learn from our article. We invite you to read.

Since we meet in this place, you are probably at the stage of creating your home space. Regardless of whether you are arranging your first home or renovating well-known space, you are looking for clever and quality solutions. In this publication, we take ‘to the workshop’ oak table tops to table or office! After all, you can use them not only in kitchen. It is also good idea for interesting arrangement of even elegant office.

Modern dining table with table top according to your idea? Maybe an oak table top for bathroom? Limits are only in your imagination. Have we aroused your interest? Then get to know the possibilities offered by oak table tops and apply them in your four corners!

Oak table tops to kitchen

Oak table tops to kitchen

To the fact that kitchen is the bustling heart of every home, you do not need to convince anyone. Here atmosphere is hot, from breakfast to later at night. And Friday meetings with friends? For this reason, when designing kitchen space, it is not worth looking for unnecessary savings. It must be atmospheric, in ‘our style’, comfortable and… Qualitatively!

It is worth looking at the advantages that are served by custom-made furniture. Online we can check the offers of individual manufacturers and seek professional opinion. Later, custom-made oak table tops (or other types of wood) are adapted to private preferences. What does this mean in practice?

Solid table tops from RaWood – short history of long and satisfying use

In RaWood, oak table tops are made only of selected wood in class AB, BB glued from lamellas with tabletop length. We can also use them in dining room space or in kitchen. They will form beautiful whole with solid kitchen worktop.

Do you dream of extendable table for 12 people? We have proven solution for this! Oak table top for table with extra plates is created in the same way. With precision, sensitivity and heart. Table top with extra beds are made of one large tabletop, which allows you to maintain the continuity of grains throughout the oak table top made of solid wood. Natural beauty remains intact!

Lamellas, that is, elements of wood for gluing, have width of 7 to 12 cm. Gluing is carried out in the press. After gluing, oak table tops undergo machine and manual processing to obtain the highest quality smooth surface. The last stage is lacquering or oiling of table tops, according to the customer’s choice.

Good to know…

When choosing the type of painting, we suggest read our instructions for proper maintenance and cleaning of wooden furniture. Our choice has impact on further care, and consequently satisfactory use, for years. Oak table tops for the kitchen are valued for their incredible durability to mechanical injuries and any deformation. Properly impregnated, they are additionally resistant to moisture. We can be sure that kitchen created with their use will stand the test of time. Both when it comes to constantly changing arrangement trends and intensity of use.

Oak table tops for tables

So elegant dining room, like a dream! Who among us has not immediately imagined cozy space in which to debate until late at night? With tasty meals and equally exquisite drinks? And more festive moments? Oak table top fits perfectly into these guidelines. Price is secondary thing. It is worth paying extra for quality and comfort.

Oak table tops for tables

The biggest advantage of solid wood furniture to size is ability to perfectly fit into expectations. Not only in terms of our aesthetics, but also the specificity of space. The right size of table top, its color, form of finish, shade – everything remains at our discretion. Not only that – we can also opt for more or less sophisticated table legs. Solid and simple or light and more decorative. Depending on the style in which we want to decorate the house. Or what character the other pieces of equipment present. In the variant of individual design of solid wood furniture, freedom is a real ace up the sleeve. But that’s not all.

Oak table top – desk for office matched to other furniture

At RaWood, we do not want that choices our clients to be determined by arrangement restrictions. We offer custom-made furniture that fits into the individual aesthetics. We offer solid wood table tops that can be used in different spaces and flexibly combined with each other, achieving consistency of décor.

We started with kitchen table tops and those that make up dining tables. Now we smoothly move to the office. Solid wood desks will be included in the concept of the whole apartment. Exceptionally durable and solid oak desks we can create on the basis of your project. This means that you specify preferences for table top itself (size, color, finish), and we create it for your order. With full commitment.

One-two… And we have ready oak table top. Office still needs good legs…

And in this case, we leave full freedom. Here it is worth mentioning that tables with the unfolding function are created from start to finish by us. This assembly guarantees perfect harmony and satisfactory use.

Oak table top for the bathroom – resistant to time and… moisture

In recent years, arrangements that pay homage to nature have become more and more popular. That is why wood is very popular, also in modern bathroom designs. When deciding on oak table top for the bathroom, do we have to be afraid of its rapid destruction in contact with water? We answer quickly and briefly: NO.

All you need to do is take care of the proper impregnation and we will be able to enjoy its unchanging quality for years. No loss of comfort of use. What we need to do when applying oak table tops to the bathroom?

  • Systematically clean furniture from dust and do not lead to excessive dirt.
  • Wipe them dry, using a gently moistened and soft cloth.
  • Use only preparations for solid wood furniture with lacquered coating, without alcohol content and silicone derivatives.
  • Use only preparations and materials that will not lead to violation of the structure of solid wood furniture.
  • Keep minimum of one meter of distance from heat sources.
  • Do not put very warm and very cold objects directly on the table top.
  • Protect furniture from moisture. After each contact with water, wipe them dry.

Good to know…

Table top for the bathroom ordered from RaWood is protected with an additional layer of insulatate protecting the wood from moisture.

Bathroom table tops made of solid wood for self-finishing are also offered by Castorama. They will work in bathroom created in minimalist, loft and Scandinavian style.

Advantages of custom made furniture – 7 REASONS

Advantages of custom made furniture – 7 REASONS

Advantages of custom made furniture – 7 REASONS

Each living space is unique and oryginal because it is… ‘ours’. Sometimes, however, its originality can be complicated to arrange. Recesses or small area make it difficult for us to arrange given room. Sometimes our sense of good taste combined with expectation of the highest quality make it difficult to find perfect solutions for home. Then custom made furniture comes to the rescue – online or in ‘live’ version. We suggest when and why it is worth investing in them.

When thinking about custom made furniture, we usually see kitchen in classic buildings. However, this is not the only option in which they find themselves great! We can confidently apply design to our visions, arranging modern living room or dream bedroom. Custom-made chest of drawers? Maybe folding table that will be found even in small living room? Everything at your fingertips and… Imagination!

When is it worth deciding to contact with reputable company and use the profession of specialist to organize your space? When we care about several important issues. Here are 7 the most important reasons why you should choose custom made furniture to living room or other home interiors!

Maximum use of space

Perfect use of available space is the key to comfort and functionality in interior. Unfortunately, in case of ready-made furniture purchased for example in supermarket, this is real challenge. Especially if in home are many bevels or recesses in home rooms.

Custom made furniture gives comfort that we decide on their dimensions, shape and all other parameters, thanks to which we match them perfectly. We can also choose solutions that we will adapt to specific occasions – e.g. extendable dining table will be perfect during organized meetings with famuly or friends.

Possibility to make changes in furniture

When buying furniture in supermarket, we usually have to spend a lot of time to find the perfect solution in terms of parameters or functions. Large offer does not mean that search will be successful – quite the opposite. As a result, we have to look another store or opt for narrower sofa or higher TV stand, which may negatively affect functionality and aesthetics our interior.

Furniture should be adapted one hundred percent to our own needs, style of arrangement or available space. We decide on shape of table, height and length of sofa, depth of drawers in chest of drawers or additional functions of desk.

Quality and precision of implementation

Regardless of whether our goal is custom dining tables, TV stands, sofas or any other furniture, we gain confidence that ordered product turns out to be perfectly matched and manufactured with extreme precision. Headrest in sofa will be at the right height, chair cushions will be made of exactly materials we expect and small dining table in kitchen will can unfold at any moment.

Such modern furniture for living room or any other room is produced from properly selected materials and is created by experienced specialists. This means that that we will be able to enjoy their highest quality and unique aesthetics for many years.

All this means that custom-made furniture provides greater comfort of use and allows you to arrange aesthetic, functional interiors, that will be oasis of peace for all household members.

Choice of materials from which custom-made furniture will be made

Investing in custom-made furniture (online or stationary), we gain one more option – choice material from which it will be made. We can choose for example on elegant and durable tables made of solid wood or cheaper TV cabinets made of MDF. What’s more, when deciding for example on wood, we can sometimes choose its species and buy for example the most exclusive oak living room furniture.

Choice of material matters because it determines price, appearance, durability and functionality of furniture. This possibility will allow us to adjust the purchase to our budget, own taste and the way of using product. This is comfort that is definitely worth using.

Matching color to other elements of décor

Purchase of ready-made market furniture is associated with big problem – usually specific, interesting model is available only in one or at most two color variants. This makes it impossible to match it with other elements of equipment and the style of home interior design.

On the other hand, by deciding for example on furniture made of solid wood to size, we gain the opportunity to choose many variants of the same model. In this way, we will adapt it in terms of colors to our own expectations and specific room.

Unique style

Both tables, chests of drawers, desks and custom-made TV cabinets can be one of kind. By adjusting their parameters fully individually, we can be sure that furniture that decorates our living room or bedroom is unique and we probably will not find the same in any other place. In this way, we gain unique furniture that is fully adapted to our needs and individual taste.

In the case of buying ready-made furniture in market, we do not have such possibility – mass-produced, they look identical and do not have their own character.

Expert advice

What else characterizes this purchase of oak furniture to order is fully individual service. While in market it is difficult to get advice from specialist, in this case we can consult with experienced and perfectly familiar with furniture person. Thanks to this, we have opportunity to gain additional information about specific product, as well as dispel any doubts. And thus perfect fit of modern furniture to bedroom, living room or other home rooms.

Deciding on such solution, we can also buy custom-made furniture online – without leaving home and without need to make measurements in shop. On website, we will adjust every element of product to our own needs, saving time and being sure that after purchase we will receive exactly furniture, what we ordered.

Perfect TV cabinet. What to look for when buying TV cabinet?

Perfect TV cabinet. What to look for when buying TV cabinet?

Perfect TV cabinet. What to look for when buying TV cabinet?

One furniture and thousand choices! Apparently, it is ‘just’ TV cabinet, and yet buying this cabinet that fits perfectly into room and expectations may not be so easy! Very wide range and invisible expectations do not help… In this article, you will find useful advice on what to look for when choosing TV cabinet. We invite you to read!

Kitchen is heart of house and living room with TV ‘colorful window to the world’. How to choose TV cabinet to enjoy not only its appearance, but also its functionality? This furniture must meet some important requirements to make watching your favorite series real pleasure!

TV cabinets – 200 cm? Maybe bigger? That is… Size is important!

The vast majority of us ‘choose with our eyes’ and opt for modern furniture for living rooms under the influence of the first impression they have made on us. Aesthetics, of course, is important and finding a solution that becomes decoration of room is basis, but you can not forget about technical problems. First of all – the size of the TV barrier.

Choosing furniture with dimensions that do not fit into the interior makes the room less functional and, in the worst case – in general, we do not find enough space for it. Therefore, before buying, it is worth considering where we will place your modern TV cabinet and carefully check the amount of space available (it is necessary to measure both width and depth). In this way, it will be possible to perfectly insert the cabinet into the interior, thus achieving satisfactory effect.

It is important to adapt cabinet not only to room itself, but also to the TV. In the end, it will become its central point and it is its parameters that will determine our comfort when watching movies or series. It is worth choosing a cabinet, thanks to which the TV is at the level of the center or slightly below the line of the eye. Thanks to this, household members do not have to raise their heads, which could be associated not only with discomfort, but also later problems with the spine. Optimal height is usually 50-60 cm, although of course this is a variable and completely individual value. Let’s also make sure that the cabinet is at least 10 cm wider than the TV.

In the absence of space on floor, we can buy hanging cabinet that not only allows optimal use of the available space, but also looks original and modern. Alternative are TV cabinets on legs, which meet the expectations of lovers of classic solutions.

Wooden furniture for living rooms? Or maybe from MDF plate?

Before we decide to buy TV cabinet, it is worth getting to know the materials from which they are made. This will not only have a significant impact on the style and appearance of the furniture, but also on its durability, precision of workmanship or uniqueness.

MDF plate

This material made of high-temperature glued wood fibers is most often chosen by manufacturers. Furniture made of MDF board is inexpensive and can be found in every market. Simple processing of wood plastic means that they can have different shapes, dimensions or surfaces. Thanks to this, among them we will find both modern and classic furniture, which will surely delight our eyes.

Is it flawless material? Unfortunately not. Unlike wooden furniture, for example, those made of MDF board are much more susceptible to mechanical damage – moment of inattention can make it happen during assembly. In addition, MDF board does not tolerate high temperatures and humidity well, and it is much more difficult to renew or refresh it.


This timeless material is chosen most willingly by all – even at the expense of higher price. This is due to many factors. Wooden TV cabinets are natural, fully ecological and provide corresponding microclimate in room. They give the warmth we all want and make the interior of living room cozy, and staying in it is pure pleasure.

However, what makes wooden TV cabinets so popular is the combination of durability and beauty. Wood is noble material that is characterized by above-average resistance to mechanical damage. Thanks to this, even after many years, it looks impressive and in the event of any injuries, it can be easily restored.


Very interesting alternative to the above solutions is metal – cool and heavy, but it can be very interesting element of living room arrangement. It will work especially well in modern, minimalist interiors where durability and functionality of solutions are important.

Metal of course is above average durable – damage surface of such furniture is very difficult, and proper corrosion protection does not even make it afraid of moisture. TV stand on metal legs will therefore be very solid and wide variety of color variants will allow everyone to find the right solution for themselves. Metal furniture can of course look very beautiful.

However, it should be remembered that metal is cold material that can cause discomfort inside the house. It will not offer us such family atmosphere as wood and is therefore chosen much less often. Metal, industrial TV cabinets are therefore ideal only for loft and minimalist interiors


Last material commonly used to make TV cabinets is chipboard, which is made from recycled materials. Thanks to advanced production processes, you can create aesthetic and very diverse furniture that can work both in living rooms, kitchens and other interiors.

However, like MDF, chipboard is not the most durable and can contain harmful materials, e.B. synthetic resins. Therefore much better and more durable solution for living room will be wooden cabinet.

TV cabinet with extra space

Modern TV cabinet fulfills many functions. We can put TV, DVD or laptop on it, which is connected to TV via an HDMI cable. If you always want to keep your favorite plates and useful cables in the area of TV, you need TV cabinet with drawers with appropriate capacity.

TV cabinet does not have to be storage room only for items related to watching movies. By choosing model of this furniture without drawers or sliding doors, for example, we can exhibit your favorite books or ornaments. Their closure behind glass doors and backlight with LED lights make them aware of themselves!

Furniture: handmade or mass production?

Furniture: handmade or mass production?

Furniture: handmade or mass production? ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES

In times of omnipresent hustle and bustle, we often opt for ready-made solutions that are available ‘in stock’. However, if we want something really special, we are willing to wait and even pay more. This dependency also applies interior design. Handmade furniture is becoming increasingly popular. Let’s check how custom-made furniture compares to finished products made on a large scale.

In the end, it was possible to buy the coveted apartment or renovate the ‘old flat’. Now it is necessary to equip them with the right furniture (on size or finished products) and you can live! It turns out that there are already many questions ‘at the beginning’ to which it is worthwhile to look for binding answers! Modern furniture for the living room or rather something in a classic style? Are you investing in oak furniture or better option ‘for time’ will be economical plywood? We suggest!

Handmade wooden furniture – strengths of durable product

Achieving maximum comfort and functionality of interiors is the goal that many of us strive for. The basis for such a perfect arrangement is, of course, tailor-made furniture that is perfectly matched to each other and allows you to achieve the desired effect. We can find among them both mass products offered in popular supermarkets, as well as beautiful, handmade oak furniture, which is a real decoration of the living room, bedroom or other interior.

Are you characterized by handmade solid wood furniture? These are first and foremost the works of experienced and knowledgeable specialists who put a lot of heart into their creation to achieve the best effect. This sets them apart from mass production in many ways. Here are their highlights!

Durability and quality

Wooden furniture for living room or bedroom consists of the best types such as oak, thanks to which they impress with their durability. They are above average resistant to various types of mechanical injuries and look impressive even after many years, as they are a real decoration of interior. Thanks to manual creation, they are free of errors and perfection of their workmanship inspires even the most demanding users.

Class and good style that never go out of fashion

Oak furniture for living rooms is timeless. Their natural colour and warmth blend perfectly into all interiors – even those designed according to current trends. Their popularity is due not only to durability and beauty, but also to the fact that they allow you to create unique, family atmosphere and bring us closer to nature. It is worth seeing that nothing in the house smells as beautiful as wooden tables with resin!

Possibility to enter furniture into different interiors

By investing in modern furniture for living rooms, created by hand and to size, we do not have to look for compromises related to the arrangement. And we are not only talking about the aesthetic aspect, thanks to which beautiful products created by real masters in their profession fit into different styles of arrangement.

Handmade furniture will also allow us to overcome various spatial limitations. You can install them perfectly in the recesses, put them on slopes or adapt them to different RTV devices. You can also rely on solutions that you can adapt to your needs for specific occasions (e.B. tables with extra beds for the dining room).


Furniture made from waste wood is made with heart – by people who are one hundred percent involved in its creation process, not by machines. Thanks to this, by investing in a handmade product, you can be sure that the model you choose is unique and you will not find another one in any other store. This is guaranteed not only by the structure of the wood, which creates unique patterns on the surface of the furniture, but also by hand painting – it even makes furniture made of old wood look unique!

Refinement of the smallest details and precision of processing

Handmade products have the fact that they are made with the best tools and by real masters in their profession. As a result, every detail is one hundred percent refined and all elements are perfectly combined with each other. Highest precision of processing means that even modern furniture for the living room can be unique and represent the highest quality.

Creating perfect furniture – colour, dimension, accessories

Thanks to the fact that industrial tables, chests of drawers made of solid wood, cabinets and other oak furniture are made by hand and by size, each of us can decide how they will look in the final form. You decide on the color, size or accessories – this gives you the opportunity to perfectly match your furnishings to individual interiors and thus achieve the desired effect. With mass-produced furniture, this usually proves impossible.

Handmade wooden furniture – ‘used’ or new

To get beautiful furniture in a classic style, which will become a decoration of interiors, we do not need to invest in new ones. In recent years, it has become fashionable to renovate old furniture. If we are not alien to this trend, we can:

  • find a magnificent ‘jewel’ / strong on auction portals – many people are not aware that furniture made of reclaimed wood can be renovated, which is why they sell it at a price that is a chance to find excellent solutions at attractive prices;
  • find magnificent ‘jewel’ / strong on auction portals – many people are not aware that furniture made of reclaimed wood can be renovated, which is why they sell it at price that is chance to find excellent solutions at attractive prices;
  • Choose an offer of furniture made on the basis of reclaimed wood – such products are very unique.

It is worth noting that the lack of time or skills does not mean that we have to give up old furniture and replace it with new ones. If you have interesting designs of handmade furniture ‘in your head’, but do not have a profession in your hand, you can order custom-made furniture from specialists. Perfect placement in the room, professional advice and the ‘WOW’ effect – guaranteed!

Handmade furniture vs. ready to assemble it yourself

At the very end, it is worth comparing handmade furniture with those that can be bought in one of the popular supermarkets. You can opt for modern living room tables or minimalist cabinets directly from the catalog, but first get to know the advantages and disadvantages of such solutions.

Furniture for self-assembly
PriceRepeatability (all furniture from catalogs is identical and, unlike handmade furniture, can be found in any home)
Immediate availability Loss of quality (furniture is made of inferior raw materials, often plywood, and the precision of its execution can leave much to be desired)
Self-assembly (without time limit and the need to hire professionals)Less ease of use and less durability

Which option to choose?

If you are one of people who are looking for original solutions, want to use products of the highest quality and are looking for furniture ‘with soul’ that remains beautiful even after many years – rely on the handmade ones. If, on the other hand, you value economical solutions and furniture where a quick farewell is no problem for you – rely on mass-produced ones.

Chest of drawers of solid wood: proposals for interiors

Chest of drawers of solid wood: proposals for interiors

Chest of drawers made of solid wood: 4 best suggestions for 3 different interiors

If you are in interior design phase, you certainly have a lot of questions about interior design. Classic or modern living room furniture? Do you choose original colours or timeless, classic colours? Decisions are not easy! Luckily, we come to the rescue. We offer 4 chests of drawers that easily fit into 3 different living room styles.

When designing private space, we should listen to ourselves. We know that the colorful newspapers and the solutions proposed by the architects look stunning. Only question is whether we want to live comfortably in them. After all, this is an absolute priority in addition to aesthetics. Before we begin to create interior design of the apartment according to the proposal of fashion insider, it is worth listening to your wishes. Only they guarantee us a pleasant feeling that our house is a home – through a big ‘H’! In this article we suggest 4 different chest of drawers – of solid wood and laminated board that will easily fit you into living room in your style!

Classic living room furniture – always fashionable

Chest of drawers of oak wood to living room CARIN

Simple form and quality are always in fashion. This wooden chest of drawers fits almost any interior that is designed with taste and attention to detail! It will be great décor that additionally offers plenty of storage space. In the smoked drawers we can store candles, napkins, documents and other useful things. Behind the door we can pack bigger things – like eating utensils or board games.

When choosing this chest of drawers, we do not have to give up anything. Chest of drawers is very functional and versatile.

Great advantage of wooden furniture for living room is their durability and timelessness. Whatever the past years and changing accessories may be, this furniture will always look beautiful and elegant. This furniture will certainly match the others in the living room – white, black, wenge and other colors. However, it goes best with white and gray. It’s good deal for minimalist décor.

Important isonline furniture for size will meet expectations and order without leaving the house. It saves time and… Trouble! We can be sure that this chest of drawers made of solid wood fits perfectly to interior in which it is located!

Modern chests of drawers in living room – in spirit of zero waste

Real wood – also from recreation – is always beautiful. The best confirmation will be chest of drawers, which is partly made of recycled wood. His second life is colorful and atmospheric. It is excellent proposal for people:

  • who like unbanesal solutions,
  • who like original furniture ,
  • practicing the idea of Zero Waste,
  • are the lovers of good wine.

However, keep in mind that very distinctive items don’t like the competition. Sometimes small elements decide on perfectly furnished interior – modern chest of drawers in living room will decide on appearance of interior. Let’s decide on form minimalism, industrial style, black, copper, leather sofas and “heavy accessories”. Keyword? Stylistic coherence – exclusive living room furniture does not tolerate arrangement defects.

Less is more – the power of Scandinavian simplicity

Designer chest of drawers in Scandinavian style

Modern chest of drawers made of lacquered panels is beautiful furniture, the strength of which results from simplicity. You don’t have to look for embellishments and original colors here. It’s all thanks to Scandinavian style that fits perfectly with trendy spaces. Deep, dark color paired with wooden feet and light handles is invitation to combine with white and black and gold accents.

This minimalist dresser gives you a lot of space to store items. Many small, pull-out drawers and more spacious cabinets guarantee that order is under control!

Like classic living room furniture (e.B. the first of chests of drawers proposed in this article), this element of scandinavian style furnishing will always look good. Delicate, timeless wall tones go perfectly with colorful pads and boho-style poofs. But if you want to preserve pleasant harmony – we suggest less extravagance!

Original chests of drawers made of solid wood – Morocco in your living room!

Original chests of drawers made of solid wood

Now it’s time for the boldest proposal! Do you miss distant expeditions, spicy smells and lively music? From now on, you can bring a fragment of them with chest of drawers in Moroccan climate into your room.

It is piece of solid wood, behind which stands quality of workmanship and unusual color. And that in a nice combination! This wooden chest of drawers is the main element of the furnishings. It looks great against the background of white and gray. But it also goes perfectly with other original colors.

Red? It has stimulating effect! Or purple? There is no problem – as long as we paint it living room wall and rest remains more subdued, e.B. white. Undoubtedly, the house will gain artistic climate and energy!

Original furniture will be good clipboard for all the little things. In the drawers, candles, writing utensils, napkins, notebooks and all the other little gadgets you like will always be at hand. You can put atmospheric lamp or handmade bowl on it. WOW effect guaranteed!

Exclusive modern living room furniture – summary

When furnishing the house, it is worth being guided by your own aesthetics and style. However, it is good to keep an eye on the small pieces of advice that will not make us an arrangemental mistake.

Wooden furniture for living room guarantees high quality and long-term satisfaction with use. If we decide to order furniture for size (online or directly in shop), then we ideally adapt your size and color to your needs. That’s a big plus – especially if we’re interested in a particular model that we want to compare to the furniture we already have.

For those who are looking for bolder solutions that are ornamentation in themselves, we recommend chest of drawers of solid wood that attract attention. Combine wooden chest of drawers with delicacy and simplicity. This will help us avoid aesthetic chaos and reduce the risk of this styling getting bored too quickly. And that’s it!

Oak furniture – why choose them?

Oak furniture - why choose them?  5 REASONS

Oak furniture – why choose them? 5 REASONS

Are you arranging your house and wondering what modern furniture choose to living room? Maybe you are looking for interesting solutions for bedroom or unique proposals for dining room? Solid wood furniture is not only beautiful, but also durable. Why else is it worth choosing oak furniture? Answer for this and many other questions you find below. We invite you to read!

When we equip the interior, we pay the most attention to functionality. However, it is good to pay attention to your visions of your dream interior. Furniture gives atmosphere, uniqueness to interior, betrays our sense of aesthetics and… social status! Let’s choose them wisely.

Furniture of solid wood – characteristics

Modern furniture to living room should impress with its design and quality of finish and be created from properly selected materials, thanks to which it will be durable for long time. Solid wood is ideally suited for their production – and thanks to its characteristics – it has been widely used in furniture joinery for years.

It is primarily symbol of strength. Wooden furniture made of solid wood to living room and other home interiors is above average resistant to abrasion and other mechanical injuries, thanks to which they look beautiful over the years. All they need is their proper care proper care – avoiding excess water and strong detergents and using preparations intended for them, we will not have to be afraid of any problems.

Massive, solid and hard oak wood is way to achieve unique atmosphere in any interior – both this arranged in modern and slightly more classic way. It works primarily with internal joinery, because it is ideal for everyday use, providing excellent visual experience as well as comfort to its users.

Just look at elegant solid wood chests of drawers, solid tables or functional oak desks, to immediately find inspiration to arrange your home interiors.

Wooden furniture to living room – why worth?

Oak furniture for living room has been very popular for many years. They fit into various arrangements, allow you to create unique, family décor and contact with nature, which is so important for many of us. Here’s why you should choose exclusive modern furniture for living room made of wood!!

Uniqueness, shine and warm color

Each solid wood furniture is unique. We will not find two identical products among them, because each of them is characterized by original, unique arrangement of wooden rings. They create beautiful, diverse patterns on each of oak furniture and make them so special.

Wooden furniture is also appreciated for its shine and warmth. They will allow you to create unique atmosphere in living room, ideal for rest and spent free time. Thanks to their classic style, they will increase the prestige of interior and make staying in it comfortable – regardless of individual preferences.

It is not for nothing that it is said that solid wood furniture for living room is cozy and the most noble. They soothe the senses and improve everyday well-being. This is how they differ from any products made of plastic.

Noble origin

Oak is one of the oldest trees and could tell many stories to each of us. It is considered one of the most valuable industrial species, and its features have been appreciated for hundreds of years – which is why it is used to produce various interior design elements.

Nobility of oak wood has invaluable impact on how the room will look. It is natural, provides appropriate microclimate of interior – thanks to it we will avoid excessive dryness of air and we will feel better in our four walls. Moreover, modern furniture for living room made of wood will be hypoallergenic, having positive effect on people struggling with various allergies.

Look, touch and even smell of wood – all this makes you feel better with it. And for this you use ecological solutions.

Quality for years

High resistance to damage is one of the most important advantages of oak wood. What’s more, even if small scratches appear on its surface, in most cases they can be removed, e.g. by grinding the surface of solid wood furniture for living room.

However, it is worth adding that oak is resistant not only to test of time, but also to temporary trends. Wood is timeless material that will always be fashionable and willingly chosen by lovers of exclusive solutions. The best example of this ismodern chests of drawers to living room – their classic design impresses everyone regardless of individual tastes.

Possibility to be easy fit to interiors in different styles

Timelessness of wooden furniture for living room is also due to fact that they fit into different styles of arrangement. Regardless of whether we are lovers of rustic interiors, scandinavian style or minimalism, there is always place for them.

What’s more, they are available in huge number of variants, thanks to which it is easy to find among them those that will perfectly fit into our living room. Simple, decorated, smaller, larger – the choice is almost unlimited.

Openness to exchanges

Oak furniture easy fit to living room thanks to the possibility of their free modification. We can easily change their color, replace the handles in cabinets or install any glazing.

In this way, we will give them even more individual and unique character, which will correspond one hundred percent to our preferences.

Furniture for size online – customized to your needs

If you are also thinking about investing in beautiful, timeless and durable for years wooden furniture to living room, you can take advantage of huge number of solutions we offer. At your disposal are chests of drawers made of solid wood, tables, wardrobes and other elements of equipment that you can adjust fully individually to style of interior design and your own needs.

What’s more, when ordering furniture to size online, you can independently determine their dimensions – thanks to this you will adjust them to your space and create comfortable and functional living room in which all household members will feel great. Check the offer and contact us and we will help you create elegant interior that will be real heart of your home!


Oak furniture is ideal for those who can not afford ‘mediocrity’. These are noble products that have been decorating the interiors of apartments, houses and even palaces for hundreds of years. Although they are more expensive than furniture made of for example plywood, you can count on fact that, unlike lower quality solutions, they will be with you for many years. And they will not lose anything of their charm or utility values during this time. Choose the best and feel special in your living room!

Modern display cabinets to living room

Modern display cabinets to living room

Modern display cabinets: Match perfect model to your personality!

Interior of house says a lot about its owner. What furniture we choose for living room (classic or more original) betrays what we have in the soul! Check which modern display cabinets are best suited to your character.

Are you in the stage of arranging a new apartment? Maybe you want to bring a little variety to your space? In this article, you will find the answer for question of what modern display cabinets for living room is worth choosing, if in room is to appear a little ‘news’.

Presented models are not only an additional space for storing various things, but also ideal way to expose the decoration. Whether you prefer modern living room furniture, classic solutions or their combinations – we have interesting proposals for you. We show modern display cabinets of solid wood, that will fit into many arrangements.

You can choose in proven elegance or original furniture with character. There are a lot of variants. It is worth to organize your expectations and know what to look for when buying.


Classic display cabinets with glass and doors to living room

Oak display cabinet of solid wood is the perfect solution for those who like unique solutions. Spacious upper cabinet with three shelves with glass fronts – great place for your favorite books and things. Thanks to this guests will find in interior of our house things that will tell you what the owners like.

Display cabinets with wooden fronts is practical solution, as they give storage place for tableware, tablecloths or other things that do not need to be in view. Handmade display cabinet of solid oak wood will perfectly fit to other furniture in apartment. This model will like modern interiors, living room in industrial style and lesser-known combinations. It will be universal solution for years, regardless of changes in arrangement.

Big advantage will also be the ability to adapt to private preferences and needs. When you deciding to furniture for size (online or in shop), we can choose size of display cabinet, its color, number of shelves or type of handles, matching them to imagination in head. Thanks to this, we have guarantee that new furniture will definitely find its place in our house and will be perfect complement to it.

When we choosing classic display cabinet with glazing or wooden fronts, we choose timeless simplicity that never goes out of fashion. However, exceptional wooden furniture requires equally exceptional care. We wrote more about it HERE.

We move to the second category…

For people who love strong accents – originality is my middle name!

Now quick look at exclusive modern furniture for living room. Following proposals will appeal to fans of original arrangements with character. In such houses, every element even ‘screams’ that here resorted from tradition. This is confirmed by display cabinet Lemon.

Yellow color, eye-catching glazing, thanks to which you can present souvenirs from your home collection and use the classic white as background for the whole. This allowed you to get the perfect combination, which makes it difficult to walk past it indifferently. Literally – yellow focuses all attention on itself!

Originality, however, does not have to be so expressive. For those who like unprecedented solutions, which do not lack cool tone and class, dedicated is display cabinet to living room in industrial style.

Used for its production, solid oak wood can be in warmer honey shade, elegant mocca color or popular rustic color. We can also choose industrial display cabinet of pine wood. The main role here have handles made of hydraulic tubes, which give for display cabinet original industrial character. After all, playing with form of furniture is also great expression of yourself!

Display cabinets all of glass – for those who want to get to know each other!

Finally, the proposal only for brave. And for persons, who keep order! Do you think that when you invite someone to your home, you don’t have to hide anything from them? Do you not make secrets from things that you have in living room? Great! So you can choose display cabinet without wooden fronts. So for that, which is all made of glass.

This display cabinet allows you to get to know and present all the most precious things for the owner of house. Display cabinet with glass fronts will play more decorative than functional. You can set up your favorite souvenirs, books or flowers. Condition is one – keeping the dust in order and cleaning up frequently.

We know from experience that modern display cabinets for living room, which are entirely of glass, is not good in houses with very young children. Due to children’s safety and are then difficult to keep clean. But they are not effective there, if, of course, we wash windows!

Modern display cabinets to living room – summary

Display cabinet with wooden fronts provides additional space for tableware, tablecloths or other items that we want to hide in it. Display cabinet with glass fronts will allow you to expose your favorite decorations and books. We can choose furniture with partial glazing or buy model made whole of glass.

Whether you choose solid wood or glass furniture, you should to pay attention to quality of furniture. Display cabinets in living room is piece of equipment that ‘catches the eye’ and is supposed to be furniture for years. Therefore, it should be well made and perfectly fit into style of apartment.

Wood and metal romance

Połączenie drewna i metalu

Modern designs of wooden furniture, striving to increase the impression of lightness of the furniture and at the same time introduce extraordinary combinations. Giving wood furniture simple, industrial forms often uses a connection with metal. Metal legs of tables and benches, shelves of cabinets and shelves as well as bands or steel inserts of shelves contrast with solid wood. They often look like a wood frame that draws attention to its graining or reception. This unusual combination makes furniture combining wood and metal more and more often find a place not only in the spaces of modern offices and offices but also go to homes and lofts where they enjoy the eye and bring a natural, friendly atmosphere.

wood and metal
Tables are solid wood and metal perfectly working in conference rooms and salons and benches or desks on a steel structure are an interesting and practical decoration for your surroundings. Therefore, when planning a space it is worth to put on natural solid wood that will always add splendor and chic.

What effect your apartment has on you

Wpływ wystroju mieszkania na samopoczucie

A lot can be said about the influence of the environment on our well-being. We do not all realize that the appearance of our apartment has a lot of impact on our mood and condition. Sometimes ill-fitting of the interior elements can cause depression and other illnesses. Experts advise adjusting one’s apartment interior to his or her own preferences because only this way we can feel comfortably and safely in it.

Colouring by personality

Some people like bright, colorful interiors and others prefer less vivid or calmer hues. Instead of being guided by the fashion for diversities let us follow our own individual instincts and choose those colours and contrasts around which we feel nice and cozy.

Both the way of how our walls and furniture are coloured matters. The whole should be a combination of shades that provide unique, home decor. Many interiors vary depending on the owner’s personality. Quiet people, who like to have everything ordered, may feel uncomfortable in the colours of the rainbow and vice versa. Let’s not try to copy trends since those may badly affect our day-to-day well-being.

Always choose the furniture you like

Furniture is one of the most important elements of the apartment. The wide range of products available on the market means that buying them takes a lot of time. It’s hard to say whether it is better to focus on what we like individually or to follow the advice of professional interior designers. Remember however, that only in the interior surrounded by products that evoke positive energy in us, we can feel really good. For peace and quiet, it is worth considering wooden furniture that helps to introduce the atmosphere of family home warmth and cosiness.

Our mood can be affected not only by the appearance but also by functionality and the amount of furniture. When there are too many of these elements we feel overwhelmed and when there are too few of them it’s just  a matter of time before mess and chaos occur.

Home and flat are of those places that affect us to the largest extentsince we spend most of our lives there. Do not be afraid to design them to your liking as the properly adjusted environment will provide you with a sense of security that everyone of us needs a lot.