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Computer desks of solid wood

Basic element of any office is desk. Regardless of whether you work from home or from office, it is worth using comfortable and solid furniture. That’s what computer desks from RaWood are all about. By choosing our computer desks, you get a guarantee of the highest quality, design and durability. Thanks to the use of the highest quality wood and powder coated metal, our wooden computer desk will work in stylish office. Our clients are at the same time law firms and notaries as well as people running their business from home. Check out our offer of computer desks – you will certainly find something for yourself.

Desk for any interior

Computer desks are one of the most frequently chosen furniture among all our desks. Our designers took care of every detail of our furniture. Thanks to which each of our desks is the highest quality of materials and workmanship. Wooden computer desks RaWood are perfect as:

  • office desk,
  • desk for home office,
  • desk for company,
  • desk for office,
  • desk to the room.

You can integrate any RaWood computer desk into your workplace regardless of the style in which it is decorated. Solid oak wood and metal elements will fit into the interiors decorated classically. They will be great for the office of the president or accountant. Combination of wood and industrial elements will give character to the interior in modern and loft style. In our offer you will also find designer computer desks – ideal for boldly designed interiors. Computer desk from RaWood is also perfect accentuation of the Scandinavian style, which likes simplicity and minimalism. Wide range of wooden furniture for office will allow you to emphasize the character of your workplace in any way. Each of our computer desks can also be combined with other office furniture, such as tables or bookcases.

Customize desk to suit your needs

Whichever RaWood computer desk you choose, you have the option to customize it to suit your needs. Our computer desks are mainly made of solid oak wood, which ensures elegance, style and durability for many years of use. Steel elements are powder coated – you can choose from three colors of painting – black, white and chrome. When ordering, you can also choose shade of wood. Oiling can be in the color of ebony, black, honey and many other shades. In our wooden desks for the computer, in addition to wood and steel, we also use black glass, and the inserts in some models are made of leather. Tabletops in Rawood computer desks are usually made of wood with thickness of 4cm. Edges can be ordered with the so-called: swiss edges.

Computer desks made of wood have length of about 140-150 cm. Remember that if size of selected desk doesn’t suit you, we can always adjust it for you. Just select the “customize” option in the product description and complete the contact form. Then you will receive quote and project according to your indications. Thanks to this, you will match them into any interior.

In addition to the ability to customize our designs to your needs, you also have the opportunity to design computer desk according to your own sketch. To do this, contact us and describe your idea or send us illustrative photo along with information on how the furniture should look like. We’ll take care of the rest!

Desks RaWood – guarantee of the highest quality

By choosing our computer desk, you choose the highest quality of workmanship, timeless design and guarantee of the best materials. Our employees are people with passion, who make every effort to produce every wooden desk for computer.

Our desks will work in any workplace – regardless of whether you run a sole proprietorship in your own apartment or run large company. By choosing our computer desks, you will ensure yourself and your employees the comfort of work and the feeling that your work should take place in comfortable conditions.

Classic computer desk or modern desks with an interesting design?

A comfortable, ergonomic workspace is the foundation of any productive day. Make it modern with our elegant designs – perfect for any office.
Modern computer desks made of wood are able to create a cozy and warm interior. Computer desks made of wood also have a functional side – they can significantly increase the storage space in any room. Computer desks made of wood are suitable for almost any interior, but best for those that like naturalness and warmth.
Modern computer desks made of wood are not only saturated with high-tech drawers, cabinets and shelves (which are also used), but also show the beauty of natural materials. Good examples are Scandinavian-style desks or simple minimalist models that can serve as a small coffee table during an informal meeting. Another plus is that such designs fit well in any space.
Wood is one of the most popular materials for modern office furniture. The durability and naturalness of wood make it a viable option not only as a work surface, but also as an entire desk. Wood improves the atmosphere of an office space, making you feel more comfortable while working.

How to arrange a home office? Modern desks made of wood in the lead role

Wooden computer desks are a popular choice among programmers, students and designers, and more! A wooden computer desk not only looks good in any room, but also provides optimal comfort during long hours of work.
Wooden computer desks with a modern design are perfect for the office, home or library. They are functional and aesthetically pleasing, which is why they are abundantly popular among many users, both young and not so young. Desks made of oak have the best qualities – they are easy to clean and resistant to moisture, as well as have an excellent appearance, thanks to their natural beauty.
Wooden computer desks are an extremely popular option among consumers. They are functional, practical, durable and have a classically beautiful design. Wooden desks are available in a wide range of finishes, shapes and sizes to fit any space.
As we enter the digital age, there is an increased demand for office furniture that keeps pace with new technologies; to provide an ergonomic work environment that is best suited to increased productivity.
Desks made of wood are equally stylish and functional. Computer desks made of wood will look great in any office, home office or living room. Wood is a very versatile material for modern furniture, and it’s no wonder that it has become one of the most widely used materials for desk tops. The natural grain of wood adds character and individuality to a desk, not to mention the ability to create it your own way with color and finish variations. Nothing is easier than cleaning a wooden desk top – just wipe it with a damp cloth to remove dust, dirt and fingerprints!