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Solid wood dressers

If you are looking for sideboards that looks beautiful and is functional at the same time, bet on RaWood wooden dressers. A wide selection of furniture for the living room, bedroom, or hallway will allow you to find the right dresser for any type of interior. If your apartment is done in an industrial style, you will find many solutions that will fit it perfectly. Or maybe your apartment is finished in glamour or art deco style? No problem – you will also find such furniture with us.

Our dressers are characterized by the highest quality workmanship. They are made of oak wood, which gives the furniture a timeless character. This allows you to match them to any type of interior. If you have any doubts about what color of chest of drawers you should choose, it is worth ordering samples of wood colors in advance, which will make the choice easier.

Where do dressers perform well?

Solid oak wood chests of drawers will work well in many rooms. Thanks to their versatility and functionality, it is worth using them in:

  • living room – a chest of drawers is often one of the most important design elements in the living room. With the RaWood wooden chest of drawers you will store important documents, napkins and tablecloths, or many other items that should not lie in plain sight. Thanks to its steel finish, the wooden chest of drawers will give your living room a fresh new look, and the chest of drawers will become an important element in your home.
  • bedroom – oak chest of drawers in the bedroom is primarily used to store clothes. You will also find it useful if you have a small child at home – our chests of drawers are, first of all, a large space thanks to spacious drawers. It is also worth paying attention to dressers with external shelves, where you can put your phone, charger or other small items.
  • kitchen and dining room – dressers can also come in handy in the kitchen and dining room. If you lack space to store plates or other items needed in the kitchen, a wooden dresser will solve this problem. You should also use it to put a coffee maker or tea pot on it.
  • pantry – in our dressers you will store not only clothes.
  • hallway – a wooden chest of drawers is a great showpiece at the entrance to the house. A beautiful piece of furniture draws attention and can be used for storage at the same time.

Sideboards comfort of use

Wooden dressers are not only a piece of furniture that allows you to store various items. It is also a stylish piece of furniture. RaWood designers create furniture of the highest quality that is user-friendly. Thanks to the silent closing system and easy TIP-ON touch opening, using wooden dressers is a pleasure. Combined with the best quality solid wood and finished with steel elements, dressers from RaWood create a cohesive whole that stands out among the competition.

Comfort of use is also ensured by the ability to customize the furniture according to your needs. In the description of each chest of drawers, there is a “customize” button, through which you can request to change the dimensions of the dresser or replace any of the elements.

Dressers in various appearances

Our wooden dressers are distinguished primarily by the quality of workmanship and elegance. Characteristic is also the use of metal handles and legs, powder-coated. In addition, the fronts of our wooden cabinets can be enriched with “pine”, that is, specially cut ornaments. In addition to classic wooden chests of drawers, we also offer industrial furniture, finished with glass doors. Before choosing your dream dresser, think about how much storage space you will need. This way you will know whether the chest of drawers should have only drawers, or choose a model that also has shelves on the outside. The choice is very large.

Fashionable wooden dressers for the living room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in our home, because this is where we spend much of our free time. This is where we talk with friends, watch TV or movies, and listen to music. Decorations, furniture and other accessories are what give a particular look to this room and make spending time in it comfortable. In the case of a wooden chest of drawers, we have an option that will work not only for its purpose, but also as an attractive element of interior design.
In the living room, a wooden dresser is a classic piece of furniture that is extremely versatile. It can serve as a closet, and at the same time as a container for trinkets and other things we like. A chest of drawers is a multifunctional piece of furniture that serves as a decorative element on the one hand, and as an organizer for personal belongings on the other. It can be arranged in different ways, depending on its size and space in our home.
A wooden dresser is a great idea for both a small and large living room. It can be an excellent piece of home furnishings that will provide storage space, storing clothes and various items. Since it has a large surface area, you can use it as a coffee table or a place to put flowers in a vase. Best of all, it allows for easy rearrangement.

Classic dressers or modern wood dressers?

Each living room has its own requirements, which can differ significantly from other rooms, so when creating this interior element, it is important to keep in mind the purpose for which it is intended, as well as the style of the house. Nowadays, wooden dressers are considered classics, and rightly so: they have a timeless quality that does not depend on any particular trend or style. We can say that this piece of furniture will save any space, no matter what changes you make to your decor.
The wooden dresser is ideal for creating a warm and cozy look. Depending on the size of the living room, we can choose one with large drawers or several smaller ones. A wooden dresser with drawers is a practical companion for any interior. With its unique design and functionality, it can be used in any room in the house!
Wooden chest of drawers can bring the warmth of our home to any room. It is an indispensable piece of furniture that will stand out in the living room. It can be used for storage or even as a table, depending on how we want to use it. It is a good idea to place it in front of a window with a beautiful view. And let’s not forget that we can choose the capacity of the drawers, depending on what we want to put in them!

Stylish dresser – what to follow when choosing a dresser?

First of all, a dresser must be comfortable and practical. So we need to choose one that meets our expectations, whether it is small, double or with several drawers. We should also consider the size, color of the wooden furniture, as well as additional elements and finishes.
A pine wood chest of drawers is a true aristocrat among furniture. It combines the beauty of wood with excellent functionality and longevity. Thanks to these features, it has gained great popularity among modern people who know its value. However, to get a quality product, it is worth spending money on high-quality materials, proper care and maintenance. Wooden modern dressers will be the ideal model for those who appreciate the timelessness of furniture. Natural appearance and simple forms will make wooden dressers extremely versatile – they fit into many different interiors, in addition, they guarantee additional space for storing things.

If you will have trouble choosing the right cabinet, you can be inspired by our guide, where you will find many interesting tips for furnishing your home. In addition, remember that at RaWood you have the opportunity to create furniture according to your design. If you don’t find the right dresser on our site, please contact us. Our designers will create a design based on your requirements.