Custom-made tables

Tables with metal legs

Stable and durable - such are the tables made in RaWood Premium Furniture. And this is thanks to the metal legs of the tables. Steel is protected with powder coating in color chosen by the customer. As a standard, they are made in black, white, chrome and natural. Powder coating is solid protective layer. Legs in the color of natural steel are covered with a layer of clear varnish.

Dining table made of solid wood and metal base is characterized by extravagant, homely charm. Dining table made of metal and wood has become timeless classic. It is industrial table that will last a lifetime. It is industrial table that will last a lifetime. Warm wood meets cool metal - a contrast that combines to create exciting composition. Table with metal legs is distinguished by the highest functionality, unique appearance and will give any room pleasant character.

Wooden tables

Appearance of the table is of great importance for the aesthetics of the entire room. That is why all the tops of our tables are made of solid oak wood. Table with wooden top will certainly be solid, durable and at the same time attract everyone's attention. Structure of solid wood makes it impossible to pass by it indifferently. It will delight everyone! Tables with wooden table top bring a lot of warmth to the apartment and are timeless. Buying table with wooden table top is sure investment for years!

RaWood dining table is more than just a solid wood construction. Solid wood table configured by you and built by us will become the center of your dining room and favorite place for family gatherings. Take a look at our offer and find the perfect dining table that best suits you and your personality!

Extendable tables

Extendable tables is functional and universal table proposal. This is excellent proposition when we do not need or do not have space for a huge table on a daily basis, but sometimes during family events we need more space at the table. That's why we created tables with extensions. Unfolding the table using side extensions is much less invasive and does not expose us to problems resulting from the natural work of wood.

Extensions have the continuity of the main table top grain, so that after their installation there is no difference between the extensions and the table top. In terms of stability, the table top supplies are in no way inferior to real table tops. Tables with extensions are by far the most frequently chosen among our customers. Buying a table with extensions will make it serve us for many years, without having to replace it with a new one, but when we need a larger table. Then we install extensions and voilà! Extendable tables made of solid wood are durable, solid and prove to be faithful companions every day.

Custom tables

Remember that your table is made especially for you, so you can adjust its dimensions and leg spacing, the color of wood and steel. Choose a table model from our offer or send us a draft/photo of a table you like, and we will try to do something about it - we invite you to contact us.

Our custom-made tables are handmade by experienced carpenters in our carpentry workshop. In each model of the table put all the heart and soul to be able to offer you the unique quality of furniture. With us you will create your own, solid, custom-made dining table, in any size and according to your own idea!

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