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Dining tables

Durable and comfortable dining table is the basis for nice, family dinners. Original appearance and functionality of our products is tailored to different interior designs, so everyone will find something for themselves. In our offer we also have conference and banquet solid wood tables, ideal for large family or company meetings.

Choosing the best table for your dining room

In our offer you will find many interesting solutions and each of them is characterized by unique features. Among our most interesting projects you can find:

  • Modern table of solid wood – this type of furniture is famous for its durability and beauty. Wood has always been universal material, used in any style of interior design, so it is always a safe choice.
  • Designer table with thick tabletop – will ensure stability also from a visual angle. Such table with clear conscience can be filled with various dishes. Massive oak furniture fits retro rooms and more traditional décor.
  • Oak tables – guarantee of elegance and beauty. There will never be two identical solid wood tables with the same arrangement of jars and coloration. These are unique furniture for people who want to have unique dining room in their home.
  • Industrial dining tables – combination of simplicity and functionality. In addition to exclusively wooden models, you can also find here wooden tops on steel, strong legs.
  • Loft table on metal legs – minimalism with attention to the smallest details. They will not overwhelm especially smaller rooms, and at the same time provide the highest comfort during meals.
  • Conference and banquet tables – suitable just in time for large events, with more guests. This is good solution for companies, as well as for homes, where significant part of the family often gathers (e.g. for holidays, weddings or communions).

Each of our projects is guarantee of solid workmanship and attention to detail.

Arrangement of modern dining tables

Wooden table in dining room is central furniture – it is on it that the most attention is focused, which is why it is so important to match the table to the interior design. As we have already mentioned, in our offer we have solutions adapted to different styles of interior design; however, it is also worth paying attention to additional functional aspects of the solid wood tables.

In large rooms, massive tables of solid wood will work best – they are beautiful and decoration of any dining room and additionally provide strength and stability, while for smaller dining rooms modern folding tables may be better choice, which take up little space on daily basis and in the event of the arrival of guests, they can quickly turn into a spacious table with space for everyone. We also offer extra plates to our tables. Write to us if you need something special – we can adjust material, color and dimensions to your needs.

Coffee table

Coffee table is ideal proposition for living room, it will provide space for magazines, coffee, tea and more. Wooden coffee table will be perfect for storing things that we want to have at hand during cozy evening in front of the TV. Neat living room and nice coffee table will help you relax and have everything at hand. Knowing that everything has its safe place on the coffee table provided by RaWood will help you enjoy the smaller things in life. For each of our solid wood tables we can create matching table – only write to us!

Extending tables – why is a wooden extending table an excellent choice?

A extending table is a practical solution for those who don’t have room for an extra-large dining or work table. Extending tables are great for apartments and small homes, allowing you to move around the room easily and providing plenty of space when needed. An extending table will save valuable space. And when we need more space we simply unfold our folding table!
Oak extending tables are one of the most popular and practical types of tables. That’s why they can be found in restaurants, cafes, as well as in homes. This material is especially popular among customers who are actively interested in interior design, because it allows you to create a look that makes your home unique and practical.
Oak extending tables combine high quality and durability in one product. Oak wood looks great in any room and style. It is resistant and durable, so it will serve for many years. We can be sure that nothing bad will happen to the table for a long time. The table top is well protected, so it will not be damaged by moisture or other factors to which it is exposed during common meals.
Choosing real wood as a building material for your furniture, you can be sure that it will not be damaged by moisture or other factors to which it is exposed during daily use. Oak extending tables are a great choice for any household. They are sturdy, made of high-quality oak wood and can hold quite a lot of weight. What’s more, the value of an oak table is much higher than other types of wood, as it is more durable and sturdy. An oak extending table is a timeless and versatile solution for any space. Modern folding tables offer an elegant look that will fit into virtually any setting. A small extending table can become a table that accommodates many guests in a moment!

Extending table in practice

Extending table will always be fashionable. Extending tables look great and make the space more functional. A wooden table is a great option for those who are looking for something truly unique. Our oak extendable tables are high quality, durable and timeless. We use solid wood – a point that particularly distinguishes wooden tables from other materials and guarantees that they will not be damaged by moisture. Choose a table made of oak, and you can be sure that it will serve you well for many years.
Oak folding tables are not just furniture, but rather works of art that can serve in many different ways – as a kitchen table, dining table or work space! Their remarkable durability guarantees that they will last for many long years intact. We offer folding tables of various sizes and shapes.
Perfect for small apartments, the folding table is an ideal choice for any small space. When fully open, it provides plenty of space for entertaining and serving meals, but when not in use, it can be easily folded – saving valuable space. Made of solid wood, it will withstand years of daily use.