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The production of our furniture is based on solid wood. We use such types as: oak, black oak, beech, walnut, ash, larch and pine. It is combined in different technologies: glued ball, solid and glued lamellas and finger joined elements. All wood comes from legal sources from FSC certified suppliers. The quality of wood is ensured by its appropriate seasoning and proper drying.

Part of the wood is recovered from old warehouses and demolished houses and buildings. This wood is natural and noble. In the past, handmade axes were used for processing of structural components, giving the wood a unique appearance. For this reason, it guarantees uniqueness and uniqueness and, at the same time, only gains in value over time.

In our production, besides the best material, we put a great deal of emphasis on its final finish: the perfect color choice and the quality of the coating used. Our oils penetrate the wood emphasizing its character, they give smoothness additionally impregnate and protect the surface. All are FDA approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, which confirms their admissibility for use together with foodstuffs. We also use varnishes that help to protect the surface against abrasion and absorption while being safe for the user. The varnishes used by us can be applied to paint products intended for contact with children and food.

Through the finishing of the metal pieces we want to emphasize the uniqueness of furniture. Both welds and other joints strengthen the character of furniture. Finally, we use cold powder painting or varnishing, which guarantees their durability.

By combining all the pieces into one piece we create individual, natural and beautiful furniture. Furniture which is a wonderful decoration of the rooms in which they are located.

FDA certificate – oils

Food contact certification – varnishes