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Chest of drawers or shelves – how to choose the right one?

A chest of drawers or shelves? What should you know before buying a piece of furniture? A chest of drawers is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used to store personal belongings, clothes, documents or other items. Choose a piece of furniture that will not only serve you for storage, but will also be a stylish decoration of the interior. We invite you to read our blog, where we give tips on how to buy the right chest of drawers.

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What to store in a chest of drawers?

Room dressers are pieces of furniture typically used to store various items inside or on the surface of drawers. Keep in mind that the way you use the chest of drawers depends on your individual needs and preferences. You can customize its content for a specific purpose in your home. Here are some things you can store in a dresser:

  • Clothes: Classic chests of drawers are often used to store clothes such as shirts, sweaters, trousers, underwear and socks. Dresser drawers can help you organize your clothes.
  • Underwear and socks: The spacious drawers are the perfect place to store underwear, socks and other small items of clothing. A chest of drawers is the most common choice of customers.
  • Jewelry: If you have jewelry, then a chest of drawers can be a good place to store it in special boxes or jewelry organizers. Pull-out drawers are perfect for wardrobe chests of drawers.
  • Accessories: The chest of drawers can also be used to store various accessories such as scarves, scarves, belts, gloves and sunglasses.
  • Housewares: You can store a variety of household items such as candles, lighters, matches, placemats, tablecloths, and napkins in the dresser.
  • Cosmetics: The chest of drawers can also be used to store cosmetics such as makeup, perfumes, skincare creams, and makeup accessories. A narrow chest of drawers will be a good solution, e.g. for the bathroom.
  • Documents and paper: If you need a place to store important documents such as bills, letters, contracts, or files, a chest of drawers may be the right solution. Elegant chests of drawers made of solid wood will also work well in the office or study.
  • Toys and board games: For families with children, chests of drawers in a teenager’s or children’s room can be a place to store toys, board games, books or school supplies.

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A stylish piece of furniture for storage and more

Modern chests of drawers or more classic ones require the right arrangement. Modern chests of drawers for the living room are often an additional place to display souvenirs or a place for audio/video equipment. Modern wooden chests of drawers are a place for various items that will give an aesthetic look and express your style. Here are some ideas of what you can set up on your dresser:

  • Decorative ornaments: Place sculptures, vases, photo frames, candles, figurines, or other decorative ornaments on the chest of drawers. This is a great way to give your dresser an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Flowers and plants: Place a vase of live flowers or potted plants on the dresser. Plants add life and freshness to a room.
  • Mirrors: Hang a large mirror on the wall above the chest of drawers, which is not only practical, but also optically enlarges the space.
  • Books: Arrange a few of your favorite books or albums on the dresser. It can be both a decorative element and an encouragement to read.
  • Clock: A large wall or standing clock can be a beautiful addition to a chest of drawers, giving it a functional touch.
  • Lamp: A standing lamp on a dresser can add soft lighting to a room and create a cozy mood.
  • Photo Frames: Set photo frames of your family, friends, or favorite memories on the surface of the dresser.
  • Art and paintings: You can hang paintings or reproductions of artwork above the chest of drawers, and place small sculptures or works of art on the chest of drawers.

Scandinavian or industrial style chest of drawers?

All furniture, including chests of drawers, is handmade by our carpenters. Handmade production ensures the highest quality of workmanship with attention to the smallest detail. We make tall and narrow chests of drawers of various sizes and colors. Check out the offer of chests of drawers, in which we present modern, Scandinavian or loft style chests of drawers. Are you wondering which style is right for you? Here are some tips:


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Scandinavian style:
  • Light colors: This style is characterized by bright colors such as white, gray, pastel shades of blue, and green.
  • Minimalism: Scandinavian design is known for its minimalism and simplicity. Furniture is usually functional and minimalist in form.
  • Wood: The use of natural wood is common in the Scandinavian style, both in furniture and flooring. Solid wood chests of drawers will add charm and atmosphere.
  • Bright, natural light: This style focuses on large amounts of natural light, which is especially important in countries with short days in winter.
  • Convenience: Scandinavian-style chests of drawers are typically designed with comfort and functionality in mind.
  • Our suggestions: CORA, NESS I, DELIO, /.




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Industrial Style:
  • Raw materials: Industrial design is based on raw materials such as metal, concrete, and brick.
  • Darker colors: Darker colors such as black, gray, brown, or earth tones are often used.
  • Exposed elements: The industrial style often exposes structural elements such as pipes, beams and fittings, which gives it a raw character.
  • Vintage: Industrial-style furniture and accessories often incorporate vintage elements, such as ancient chests or retro lamps.
  • Large spaces: This style works well in large, open spaces, but it can also be adapted to smaller spaces.
  • Our proposals: HUGON II, ADEO III, JORGEN, MERIS.




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