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Solid wood dressers with drawers

Among chests of drawers, wooden chests of drawers are enduringly popular. These pieces of furniture, which are great for the living room and bedroom, must be used primarily for storing various things. In the living room it can be important documents, keepsakes or tablecloths, while in the bedroom we usually hide clothes in them first of all. Regardless of what you’re looking for, whether your dresser with drawers will go into the living room or bedroom, it’s worth considering which will be the most suitable. Before choosing a piece of furniture, consider:

  • dimensions – in order to perfectly fit the furniture, it is worthwhile to accurately measure the room in which it will stand. In the description of each chest of drawers you will find the exact dimensions that will help you choose the right model.
  • appearance – you can match our wooden dressers to any interior. We offer modern oak furniture, as well as classic, massive dressers with wooden legs and doors. For the more demanding, we offer doors cut “in pine”.
  • quality of materials – chest of drawers is the highest quality furniture, which will serve you for many years regardless of where you set it. Natural solid wood furniture is a guarantee of solidity.
  • possibility to receive samples of the material – at RaWood we strive to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase. Therefore, before choosing a piece of furniture, you can receive samples of wood colors, which will help you choose the right shade of wood.

A dresser for every interior

Commodes with solid wood drawers fit into any interior. Our furniture has different faces, but is distinguished by its great versatility. Thanks to the use of oak wood, our chests of drawers fit into modern, loft interiors, as well as classic ones. Among our dressers with drawers we can distinguish, among others:

Chests with drawers in loft style – black powder-coated handles and legs combined with solid wood will add character to any interior. You will perfectly blend them into a modern, industrial finish of your living room or bedroom. A loft-style wooden chest of drawers is also a great idea for reviving a classic interior, which will undoubtedly gain a new, fresh face.

Designer dressers with glass drawers – a great choice for confident people who are not afraid of challenges and bold solutions. Designer dresser with drawers and shelves will work well in the living room, as an interesting piece of furniture. You can also set it in the room, and the cabinets and drawers will allow you to better organize the space around you.

Modern dressers with drawers for the living room – this sizable furniture will allow you to store important documents, tablecloths, or other essentials. In addition to great workmanship and beautiful design, our dresser with drawers for the living room is also a practical, functional piece of furniture that will allow you to store many items.

Comfort of use

With our solid wood dressers with drawers, your apartment will be even more cozy. In addition to the aesthetic qualities provided by our furniture, we strive to make using them a pure pleasure. The highest quality wood and metal finishes will ensure the comfort of use. In addition, the drawers in our dressers are equipped with a silent closing system. You no longer have to worry about slamming when closing drawers. Our designers also took care of convenient opening of drawers in our dressers. The TIP-ON opening system, guarantees a light and pleasant opening of drawers. All you have to do is touch it!

Our modern, user-friendly furniture is the perfect choice for those who value convenience, comfort and superior quality and style. Check out our designs and order your solid wood dresser with drawers today.

How to find the right chest of drawers? Wooden dresser with drawers in the arrangement

Chests with drawers are versatile pieces of furniture that are capable of performing several functions in an interior. In addition to being a place to store clothes and other items, dressers with drawers can serve as an elegant element in any bedroom or play a decorative role in any other room in the house.
Chests of drawers are furniture that combine two functions: storing and organizing. They are very practical in terms of storing clothes, where each drawer is a convenient place that will make everything look neat and comfortable. The size of the dresser depends on your needs: whether you want to use it only for storing clothes, or combine it with other accessories that require smaller containers. The material from which the dresser is made determines its appearance, but most importantly, its comfort when using it.
Dressers with drawers are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. With this versatile piece of furniture, you can design a room in a traditional or contemporary style, or even create a worldly atmosphere of elegance. The chest of drawers is a large and practical piece of furniture. It combines style, design and functionality, so it improves the aesthetics of any room. Drawers provide ample capacity and allow you to organize your belongings in an elegant way. Combine it with a mirror or a lamp on top for additional storage space, as well as interior decoration.
A huge advantage of chests of drawers are drawers, thanks to which every part of the furniture’s contents has its place, and keeping order is no longer a challenge. In addition, choosing a model with drawers, we can easily buy an internal organizer for each of them, so control over clothes will become even easier.

Choose a chest of drawers for your interior!

An essential piece in any bedroom, a dresser with drawers can offer plenty of storage space. The top drawer is ideal for storing items needed during the day, while the lower drawers can be used to hold bedding and other accessories used before going to bed or after waking up. Such a functional piece of furniture is also a great solution if you have small children who need a place to store their favorite toys. Chests come in different sizes and different colors, so everyone will successfully find the perfect one, even for a child’s room!
A chest of drawers is undoubtedly one of the most indispensable pieces of furniture in any home. It is not only a place to store clothes, but its presence also brings warmth and elegance to any space. For example, it can be used as a place to store books, accessories, shoes or decorative items.
Chests with drawers are a great addition to a bedroom. They can be perfectly used to store socks and underwear, which are notoriously lost in large closets. Storing clothes in a dresser is a convenient way to stay well organized!

If you have trouble finding the right size, contact us and we will customize a piece of furniture to meet your expectations. In addition, we encourage you to use our guide to help you furnish your space.