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Industrial tables

Industrial style is based on materials such as solid wood and metal, and its characteristic features are simplicity, minimalism and functionality – in this regard, wooden industrial tables work perfectly. Loft tables are characterized by high durability and strength, and at the same time are made of natural materials. Solid oak top, perfectly performs the given functions.

Minimalist and functional tables

Modern wooden loft tables are characterized by a combination of minimalism and creativity, which has a significant impact on their interesting design. Available in many colors and shapes, they are a versatile solution, suitable for any room. Industrial wooden tables for the kitchen or dining room have strong metal legs, ensuring full stability.

In loft style, the most important thing is the high functionality of all furniture. A large wooden table top on sturdy legs is characterized by wide functionality – it can be decorated, for example, with flowers or a basket of fruit; it will also be perfect for preparing and eating meals, but also for many other jobs where a lot of space is needed. It will just provide it with an industrial style table made of wood and metal.

Adjust the table to your needs

We present a wide selection of loft tables for your living room or dining room. To make them fit your home in the best possible way, we can offer customers various solutions, including:

  • Lacquering the top in any color.
  • Painting the metal legs.
  • Interesting accessories: chrome, glass or metal.
  • Different designs and shapes of the tabletop.
  • Several variants of leg construction.

Hundreds of details and details allow you to customize wooden industrial tables to suit the given needs and the decor of the room where the furniture you buy will go. Wood is a versatile material, so it is easy to fit into different architectural styles, but even small details such as the shape and number of legs can affect the reactions among your guests. However, solid wood is also unique, as no two pieces of wood with the same grain ever happen, and this will make your home stand out even more.

Warmth and naturalness

Solid wood loft style tables will add warmth and naturalness to your rooms, they will also provide great functionality even with the most minimalist style; additional details and details will allow you to customize the furniture. However, if you need advice or an idea for your kitchen, living room or dining room – write or call us – we will find an interesting solution for you and propose industrial tables from our offer, which will certainly interest you! We will also answer all your questions and dispel any doubts.

What is industrial style?

Industrial style is considered one of the most popular design styles today. It is characterized by elegance and functionality. This raw look, derived from the atmosphere of a factory and adapted to the interior of a home, has become a source of inspiration for many designers today, as it represents the perfect balance between comfort, functionality and simplicity. The industrial style leaves a lot of freedom to adapt the design to any objects and to suit personal taste.

In an industrial style interior, everything is about keeping things simple and contrasting. Furniture and accessories are usually made of metal, wood or glass, which have a utilitarian feel. The style has its roots in industrious design created by engineers, architects and artists who worked with practical functions and technical details. Industrial style design is simplicity in the extreme. It doesn’t need many accessories and decorations to look luxurious and functional. This style is characterized by a limited palette, natural materials, lack of clutter – everything that makes it simple and comfortable at the same time. The right furniture is the focal point here, which gives the desired character to the whole interior.

Industrial tables will make your dream room a reality. They will perfectly complement spacious interiors, giving them a raw elegance. They look equally good in small spaces and are always important additions in any setting: youth room, office, kitchen or dining room. Loft furniture goes well with modern, minimalist and industrial interiors. But that’s not all; thanks to its geometric form, loft furniture blends very well with other furniture and accessories. You will successfully combine simple wood tables with fancy decorated dressers or cabinets in cool, monochromatic colors. A designer industrial table will also add unobvious elegance to classic interiors, and lovers of minimalism and practical solutions will fall in love with it.

Modern industrial tables synonymous with luxury

Stylish and simple design, a range of different shapes and materials and endless combinations. Our loft style tables will be the focal point of any room. Made of solid materials, they will last for years. Solid wood idnsutrial table is a classic in itself, and as we know, classics never go out of fashion!

The mixture of industrial elements and natural beauty is the perfect composition that any loft table provides. The combination of metal legs, wooden top and beautiful lines is the perfect choice for a living room, dining room or kitchen.

Industrial style dining table is a unique decorative item. The metal legs and wooden top perfectly highlight the industrial interior. It is a real beauty for the home. Modern loft style dining table is an icon of interior style, which will work not only in the dining room, but also in the living room or kitchen. The natural oak veneer creates an exquisite contrast with the black metal frame, giving an interesting look that will delight guests at any party. It will allow everyone to spend the meeting in comfort.

Modern style loft tables are the perfect solution for any room. It can be combined with other styles to create a unique interior of your choice. The minimalist design has noble lines and harmoniously combines materials: solid wood with a metal frame. The loft-style industrial dining table is also matched with chairs in simple forms, which add functionality, but do not distract from the main attraction of the interior – the dining table. It is important that our table is properly matched to the interior – increase its functionality and at the same time not take up valuable space. In the case of larger rooms, it is worth paying attention to folding loft tables that will accommodate more people.