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Stylish cutting boards

Are you looking for good quality cutting boards or serving trays? Do you care about high-quality boards that will not only serve you in the kitchen, but also look great? At RaWood, we focus on quality, which is why each of our cutting board or serving tray is guarantee of the highest quality. We create cutting boards with as much commitment and passion as our furniture.

It is worth emphasizing that wood from which we make our cutting boards are perfectly profiled and ground. Thanks to the use of certified oils, our boards can be used in contact with foodstuffs. Our lacquers are therefore completely safe, thanks to which the products are properly finished and impregnated. This avoids dampness and protects the boards from damage. Cutting boards RaWood stand out from the competition also with their extraordinary design.

Cutting boards for home and restaurant

In any kitchen, cutting board is indispensable piece of equipment. What would cooking be without the right tools? When looking for high-quality cutting board, choose RaWood cutting boards. It is ideal tool for both home cooking and for professionals working in a restaurant. The high-quality wood from which our boards are made provide resistance to knife blades and guarantee the possibility of using them much longer than boards made of other materials. Solid oak wood is natural antibacterial coating that provides protection against mold and germs. Oak cutting board does not absorb odors, which allows it to be used even in the most crowded catering establishments.

In addition to its functionality, cutting board can also have other uses. One of them is the decorative function. Solid wood boards are beautiful element of décor in the kitchen, dining room and living room. You can use them not only during the preparation of meals, but also during their administration. They will serve great as stand for hot dishes or dishes straight from the oven. In good restaurant or at dinner with friends, you can use them to serve appetizers.


Our cutting boards are distinguished not only by the quality of workmanship. We make every effort to ensure that each of our products is unique. That is why our designers took care of every detail of our wooden boards. Our boards are distinguished by, among others, such elements as: rounded corners handles cut in the board additional undercuts (container for easy cutting) impressively profiled cutouts stylish leather handles fired decorative elements Solid wood cutting boards fit perfectly with furniture from our offer. You will perfectly compose them with glazed windows, elegantly present them on our wooden tables and will be the perfect complement to the sideboards in the dining room or kitchen.

Custom-made cutting board

Choosing wooden cutting board can be difficult task. If you like one of our cutting boards, but you think it is too small or too large, we can adapt it to your needs. You can also ask for other elements to be changed, such as handles or cutouts in wood. Just use the contact form, thanks to which you can report suggested changes, and we will do them. After submitting your application, we will contact you and adjust the design and provide quote.

Or maybe you have design for your dream cutting board? Design it and send us your idea! Our designers will pour your vision on paper and you will soon enjoy your own hand-designed cutting board! It’s really simple. Don’t forget to choose the right color.

Cutting board can be more than just kitchen item. It can become important element of equipment, which will also perform decorative functions. It will be great not only for cutting, but also for serving dishes and appetizers. Stylish cutting board or tray can also be great gift idea for amateurs of home cooking.

Wooden serving trays

Wooden serving trays are durable, in addition, the beautiful grain will make each piece unique. Cutting boards made by hand are guarantee of refinement to perfection! Solid wood tray will provide strong and stable surface that will fit a lot of dishes. Oak serving trays can also be used board to serve cheeses, cold cuts, snacks. Oak cutting board or tray made of solid wood is also great idea for gift!

Wooden cutting boards and trays available in various shapes, dimensions, colors and thicknesses will make sure that we can certainly match the perfect board to any kitchen arrangement.