Shoe cabinets

Are you looking for stylish and functional shoe cabinet? Choose the highest quality furniture – bet on hallway furniture from RaWood. It is company with many years of experience, producing solid wood furniture that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our shoe shelves are ideal choice for people who focus on solid, practical and stylish solutions in their apartment or office.

Shoe cabinet is only seemingly insignificant furniture. It is usually located in the hallway or hall, right at the entrance to the office or apartment. Isn’t the first impression the most important? In many cases, it is very important. It can be beautiful decorative element at the entrance to your apartment and at the same time the first furniture that your guests will see. Stylish shoe cabinet is also the perfect furniture if you run business and you want your customers to be welcomed in style. It will be perfect for places where your customers need to change shoes – in solarium, spa, sauna or doctor’s office.

Materials of the highest quality

We use only the highest quality materials to make our shoe shelves. At RaWood, we focus on wood from proven sources, machined with certified tools. Our employees make shelves for shoes made of oak and pine boards. In addition, we also use high-quality steel and perforated sheet metal to make some elements of furniture. Thanks to this, the quality of workmanship gives satisfaction not only to us, but above all to our customers.

Customize furniture to your needs

Wood from which our shoe cabinets are made, you have the opportunity to adjust in terms of color. You can order cabinet in several colors of oiling, among them:

  • natural
  • honey
  • golden
  • wenge
  • heban
  • and many other color versions.

If you have problem with choosing the right color, it is worth reaching for samples of wood colors that you can order through our website. It is also worth remembering about the possibility of adapting the shoe cabinet to your needs. By choosing the ‘customize furniture‘ option in product description, you have the opportunity to order furniture tailored to your requirements. You can even ask for change in the width, height or depth of your shoe cabinet. This will allow you to adjust the furniture, which is especially useful in small rooms.

Style and functionality

Solid wood shoe cabinets from RaWood are guarantee not only of high quality and elegance, but also of functionality. Shoe cabinet must first of all be used to store shoes. In addition to durable construction that can withstand even more difficult conditions, our cabinets are also roomy. Use of our wooden cabinets is comfortable. It is also very important to easily keep them clean – just wipe them with damp cloth from time to time. Big advantage of shelves for shoes from RaWood is also their capacity.

Shoe cabinets will perfectly fit into the interior both in modern style and maintained in classic, rustic atmosphere. Pine shoe cabinet in mahogany shade is great choice for people who already have tables and bookcases with rustic look in the apartment.

Wooden shoe cabinets are from 85 to 100 cm wide and about 50-60 cm high, depending on the model. Characteristic of our hallway furniture, there are stylish, functional shelves. You can choose between models with two and three shelves.

Shoe shelves RaWood

Wooden shelves for shoes are great idea to equip your apartment and office. If you are looking for furniture that is elegant and well made and will serve you for many years, it is worth reaching for the shelves from RaWood. Thanks to large and functional shelves, you will maintain order in the hallway. Thanks to the use of great quality materials, the shelves will look good in all conditions. Regardless of the style in which you have decorated your hallway, we guarantee that our cabinets will look stylish!