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Tables with extensions

A small apartment and a large number of guests is a difficult combination for hosts. A great help in such situations are folding tables with extensions – a versatile and functional solution. On a daily basis, the table is relatively small, so it does not interfere with household chores. On the other hand, when guests suddenly appear, it is enough to unfold the top to increase its area even twice. Thus providing a comfortable place to talk and eat a meal together.

The most common solutions for tables with extensions

Enlarging the table top can be done in various ways, but in any case the new usable surface must be stable and sturdy. The table with extensions must provide full comfort of use and safety. In our offer you can find several interesting solutions:

  • Traditional folding tables made of solid wood – usually rectangular in shape. The top is divided in half and can be spread out to the sides. To cover the hole that appears in the middle, just add the included board; additional fasteners will ensure the stability of the unfolded top.
  • Modern tables with extensions – very small apartments will work well with small tables, which have additional “wings” that can be added to the top. Robust profiles under the extensions allow you to put even heavy objects on the additional extensions, without any worries.
  • Wooden tables with an unfolding mechanism – it is enough to turn the crank a few times for the table to unfold to its full width. In this case, the missing piece often emerges from the center by itself, although there are also some models in which the additional panel must be inserted manually. Changing the surface of the tabletop usually also involves changing its height.

In any case, the oak dining table with extensions serves as both a small everyday table and a huge table.

Perfect for any interior design

Wooden furniture is very versatile and fits perfectly into any interior design. The same is true of small folding tables – their natural appearance provides very high aesthetics. In turn, the practical solutions they contain are functional and ensure that the table can be adjusted to the current needs of the household members. Most of the tables we have on offer allow them to be unfolded, but if the description does not include information about the possibility of adding extensions, please contact us. In many cases, we will be able to prepare additional panels for you to increase the functionality of your chosen table.

Why are tables with an extension table a good choice?

Are you a lover of family gatherings? Do you host more guests than an ordinary dining table can accommodate? We have the perfect solution for you: a folding table with extensions. This stylish piece of furniture will fit in any living room, and you can easily extend it to accommodate guests when needed. It is practical, functional and timeless – what more could you ask for from an elegant dining table?
A solid oak wood folding table with extensions is a practical and convenient thing to have in your home. It gives you the opportunity to easily transform it into an appropriately sized dining table that will accommodate not only your partner and friends on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, but also the whole family during holidays and birthday feasts. Its clever design allows you to fill its sides with additional extensions included in the set. This will allow you to accommodate more guests at once. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about them falling off – all the parts are solidly and securely attached thanks to special screws on the surface of the tabletop, which can be easily removed.
Oak table with extras is a great option for any party or family gathering. The table top and extensions are made of high quality materials, which ensures long life. Thanks to this versatility and the possibility of adding additional extras to the table, you can seat more people at it. This product will stand out in any home interior, thanks to its noble appearance and functionality. Oak table with extensions – this is a great solution for those who value space and want to add additional space with minimal effort.

Minimalist furniture for lovers of simplicity – solid oak table with extensions

Oak folding tables with extensions are tables equipped with the possibility of attaching additional boards on one or two sides by means of technological holes in the tabletop. Thanks to this folding option, it is possible to transform a small table into a large, comfortable set for several people. Dining tables with extensions are one of the most functional and practical solutions for the dining room. Each table has an expansion option, which expands its dimensions. This means that with it you can accommodate all guests, regardless of the number of people. The compact design will save space in the apartment or house, and whenever more space is needed – adjustable extensions will allow you to expand the tabletop space. Such a piece of furniture in the shape of a bench can have a very wide range of applications – it will work well in the dining room or living room.
Oak is a strong, durable and beautiful wood. It is also valued as a material for furniture because of its strength. It is desirable especially in its natural color. Oak tables with extensions are built to be really sturdy. With a solid base and a durable top, they can stand the test of time. The extra space created by installing extensions makes them ideal for parties or large gatherings. Furniture made of oak has long pleased lovers of simplicity, and a versatile oak table is the perfect solution for any interior. It will be a great companion for shared meals!