Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer to your question, we encourage you to contact us.

Can I change the dimensions, color of furniture?

Of course! All our products are made to order, which means that we can make your changes to them!

Do you make furniture according to the client's design?

Yes! Just send it to us by e-mail and we will prepare initial offer with quote. If you have any doubts about the design, don’t worry! We will help and advise. Handwritten drawing of furniture you would like is enough! After placing an order for individual furniture, we always send you the design of your furniture for acceptance.

Is lacquer/oil used to protect the wood safe?

Yes, used by us lacquers and oils have appropriate certificate, which confirms their acceptability for use together with foodstuffs.

How is the steel painted, can I choose other color?

Yes of course! Steel is powder coated in color of your choice. Powder coating is excellent protection that ensures long durability, thanks to which painted steel elements will be resistant to adverse effects of external factors.

Can I order sample of wood color?

Yes! You can order samples of wood colors of all available colors of lacquers and oils.

Can I see photos of finished furniture?

Yes of course. We invite you to our gallery of realizations, where you can see some of our finished furniture in Customers’ homes.

How can I place order?

You can place order on our website by adding the product to your shopping cart. In the next steps, you must provide the Customer’s data and choose the form of payment for the order. You can also write us email and we will add your order.

What is the lead time?

Production time of furniture is given next to each of products. Please remember that time indicated on product applies to product in the basic version, without any changes to the Customer. Order processing time consists of: furniture production time + delivery time by courier (2-3 working days).

What are the payment methods?

There are two payment methods:

  • overall – consists in paying the entire value of order
  • split – consists in paying 60% of order value. The remaining amount is payable by bank transfer when furniture is ready, before it is shipped.

How can I pay for my order?

You can use the following payment options:
  • PayPal
  • bank transfer
  • Przelewy24 (i.a. BLIK, online transfer, payment card))

Will furniture be sent for assembly?

No, all our furniture delivered is folded, ready. For transport safety, in some furniture, the handles are screwed from the inside. Then you just need to unscrew them and screw them on the outside of furniture, which is very simple!

What is the current status of my order?

You can check status of your order in the private link of your order, which you received from us in email with order confirmation. You can also contact us about this.When your furniture will be ready for shipment, we will definitely inform you about it!

What is furniture delivered?

Furniture is delivered by courier.

What is the shipping cost? Is it possible to bring furniture?

Cost of basic shipping depends on size of furniture and ranges from 50 to 235 euro.

Yes, there is service of bringing furniture into the house available, which is additionally paid.

Will I get delivery notification? What should you keep in mind during delivery of furniture?

Yes, before shipping the furniture, we will send you e-mail with information along with tracking number.

During delivery please remember to unpack and check the shipment in the presence of courier. If you notice any damage in furniture, necessarily write damage report with courier and take pictures of damages.

How to care for wood?

Wood care depends on whether we have chosen lacquer or wood oil. For shipment of furniture we always include instructions for maintenance and care of furniture, in which you will find all the recommendations.