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Oak bench and industrial seats

Each of us, when furnishing our home, garden or own business, is looking for the perfect furniture. One that will look good, but also serve for many years. A piece of equipment very important, if not the most important, are all kinds of seats, benches, stools, armchairs, chairs. These are items that will come in handy everywhere. They are an integral part of our lives, allowing us to rest and relax for a while or work comfortably.

It is important that such useful items also play a decorative role in the place where they are used. It is best to combine them with durable material and appropriate design, achieving an original form.

The popular industrial style is one way to give a room an original character. Most often simple in form, based on impeccable workmanship of the product, based on very good quality material, such as oak wood or other strong wood species, often combined with metal. Giving the impression at first glance that the furniture in use is solid, that they are products of the highest quality. The timeless beauty of wood allows us to use this furniture in any interior, not necessarily decorated in a modern way. Delicate milling or decoration, original hardware or legs can make a wooden piece of furniture a decoration of any interior, whether modern or rustic.

Another advantage of natural materials is the way they are maintained. Wooden furniture, such as an oak bench, can be both varnished in any available color, as well as waxed and oiled, which consequently allows the furniture to be used indoors and outdoors. Properly impregnated furniture can be used in the living room or as garden and terrace furniture during the summer season and, equally importantly, wooden furniture can be restored over time, at little cost, restoring them to the land of the original or changing their land by changing their color or millwork.

Indoor and outdoor benches

One of the most popular places where seating furniture such as benches and seats are placed is the hallway. In many homes as well as apartments, this is the first room we enter, so using the right decor in it will make a difference. A great option that will introduce a touch of industrial style in the room is the HUGON oak bench – made of solid oak wood. It is available in four different variants and in different colors. It is wide, which allows it to accommodate several people. The benches have a sturdy and durable construction and can be used not only at home, but also in restaurant and cafe spaces. Interesting and not always regular steel accessories emphasize the color of the oak and give a typically loft-like look in the room. However, looking for something with smaller dimensions, it is worth checking out the WESTA seat. Also made of high-quality oak wood, it elegantly adds a unique look to any room. It can be composed with various accessories.

Stools & Chairs

When decorating a kitchen, a living room with a bar or a typical restaurant space, large countertops, to which tall and chic bar stools are often complete, are becoming increasingly popular. This type of design element can completely transform the look of a room. One piece of furniture with an industrial look, which may turn out to be just the perfect one for us, is the HUGON bar hocker. Thanks to its unusual appearance, it transforms the character of the interior in which it is located. Made of solid oak, this product is guaranteed to last a long time.

Another of the good examples of using furniture in a practical and modern way is adding stools to the room. These small, lightweight chairs will not only come in handy when you visit, but also allow you to reach higher cabinets that were previously out of reach. An interesting option is the LOFT industrial stool. Thanks to its appearance, it pairs well with other furniture in a loft space. The stool is simple, practical and functional, and made of wood it is light enough and sufficiently sturdy, so it will work well in any space.

The versatility, durability and timelessness of furniture, especially seating of all kinds, made of solid wood is undeniable.