Manufacturer of solid wood tables and furniture

In RaWood, we design and manufacture solid wood tables and furniture. Our modern furniture is result of passion and brave interpretation and combination of wood, steel and other materials. By combining all parts into one whole, we create individual, unique and beautiful furniture. Furniture that is great decoration of the rooms in which they are located. The main material of our furniture is natural and noble solid wood that will ensure the durability of products and long-term use. Old wood is recovered from old warehouses and demolitions of centuries-old houses and buildings has already been preserved over time and has gained its unique texture and surprisingly wide range of colors. New wood from legal sources from FSC-certified suppliers. Its quality is ensured by proper seasoning and proper drying and processing.

Solid wood dining tables

Stół drewniany do jadalni na co zwrócić uwagę jaki stół drewniany kupić drewniane stoły okrągłe prostokątne

Table is often meeting place and heart of house. It is also often the heart of the house.  It is with him that the whole family sits down to a family dinner to eat a meal and spend time together. Wooden furniture gives character to its surroundings. Wooden tables are the basis of every dining room. Elegant, universal and timeless, they will work in both modern and classic interiors.

Tables with wooden table top are a solid choice for years. Made of solid wood, the table over the years only takes on a more beautiful appearance, and its structure shows us its history. Table made of solid wood is an extraordinary piece of furniture, each copy is unique and unique. No two tables are alike. Therefore, the construction of solid wood guarantees us not only solidity and durability of furniture, but also a beautiful and original appearance that will attract the attention of every guest!

Tables made of solid wood are choice for years that will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Therefore, when creating our tables and furniture made of solid wood, we are guided by the feelings of customers. We implement them with passion and commitment. We weave nature by making our table tops only from solid wood. By properly dyeing them, we bring out the natural character and at the same time we care about preserving its beauty. All our tables are made with great care, which is the result of the hard work of our carpenters.

Wooden furniture

Meble drewniane biurka dębowe nowoczesne designerskie meble drewniane RaWood

Wooden furniture is an excellent choice for people who are looking for beautiful furniture for years. Furniture made of wood guarantees durability and solidity of furniture. They will last for many years in impeccable condition, and the passage of time works only in their favor. Having in our offer furniture made of both solid wood as well as in combination with laminated board, we can safely say that customers much more often choose furniture made entirely of solid wood. No wonder, because although they are more expensive, they are certainly much more durable and will last for more years. On the other hand, furniture made of board, unfortunately loses its value, charm and appearance over time. In addition, solid wood furniture gives us a guarantee of uniqueness and originality of each copy. Solid wood has a natural grain, which is why every board, each piece of wood looks different. Therefore, each copy of a given product will be unique and unique. Our wooden furniture stands out from the rest with its form and design. We design unique furniture with original, elegant forms.

Original shape of our furniture makes it possible to create unique interiors with individual character. By choosing our furniture for home, apartment or office, you add special character to your room. Perfect and durable furniture will enjoy you for many years. We offer you unlimited possibilities to create your own interior with our products.

Industrial furniture combines minimalist design with noble form. Industrial chest of drawers, beds, coffee tables and shelves are extremely stable and durable thanks to implementation of metal and natural wood. Industrial furniture is ideal for large interiors and small apartments. Furniture will look best in raw, spacious lofs, modern apartments and classic interiors. Characteristic elements of industrial furniture give you opportunity to create interesting, unique arrangements.

Furniture customized to your needs

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Custom furniture is solution for those who appreciate perfection and unlimited choice of shapes, patterns and colors. They will suitable in large houses with spacious rooms and small cozy apartments. Custom furniture is distinguished by its attractive design and its colours design. That is why we make furniture according to customers’ individual wishes. If you are looking for something originality and something unique, created with full commitment and attention to detail, then you have just found it. You have idea for your wooden furniture – send us your project. We will try quickly give you price, then after acceptance, we will do this furniture. Each of us is different and we all have different needs. So you can customize your furniture or order your own individual design. Choose furniture, that will best suits to your needs.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are specialists in the production of solid wood furniture of all kinds. Because all our solid wood furniture is handmade and produced in our own carpentry shop, we are also happy to make furniture for the special requests of our customers – furniture according to the customer’s idea / project. Just contact us, describe your needs, and we will prepare for you an individual offer, furniture design. At every stage we offer advice and help. Design your own custom-made furniture, perfectly suited to you and your home. If you are looking for original and unique furniture created with attention to detail, an individual approach to the customer, you have found it with us!