Wall-mounted TV cabinets

Until recently, homes and apartments mainly encountered furniture made of board. Nowadays, however, we are increasingly betting on quality, spending more to enjoy furniture that will last for years and that can be refurbished. Hanging RTV cabinets are one of the best investments for those who expect high quality and at the same time want the cabinets to become a real decoration of their living room, bedroom or study.

What are the characteristics of solid wood furniture?

These are high-quality products such as RTV cabinets, tables, chairs, for the production of which seasoned, defect-free, impregnated wood is used. Thanks to this, solid wood furniture is definitely of higher quality than furniture made of particleboard and will last unchanged for many years. The advantage of wood is its naturalness. The rings on the surface of the furniture are unique, so they give the room a unique character. Eco-friendly wooden furniture is a particularly appreciated solution these days. What is equally important – wood can be shaped in many ways. This allows for more interesting molding of crafted items and customization to meet customer expectations.

Cabinets, shelves or tables made of solid wood are very durable and resistant to any mechanical damage. After years of use, it is enough to sand the surface a bit, varnish it in any color, high-gloss or matte, or use wax or oil to make the furniture look like new. Hanging RTV cabinets, admittedly, are more expensive than those made of particle board or plywood. However, their quality is not in doubt, and over time they can be a good investment.

Under TV cabinets

Since we choose to furnish our interiors with better quality furniture products, we probably won’t forget one of the most important ones – the wall-mounted RTV cabinet. A modern RTV table provides not only a place for the TV. Very often, a centrally placed home theater with a TV set forces the appropriate interior design. The modern style interior requires that you choose a simple elegant form with a limited number of ornaments and milling. Emphasized only by tasteful inserts such as hardware or legs. However, this does not limit the possibility of a piece of furniture designed in a modern industrial style to a rustic room. This is perhaps one of the best features of wooden furniture – its versatility. They can blend well into very elegant interiors, and they give the arrangements a somewhat exclusive character. Particularly impressive in any living room or study looks furniture, for the production of which oak was used. At the option of buying such an RTV cabinet, it is not worth thinking three times, because you know that it will fit perfectly into the interior.

TV furniture made of solid wood

A chest of drawers or TV cabinet often acts as a center for all usefulness and media. It is worth noting whether this piece of furniture has capacious and wide drawers that provide enough storage space. Are there shelves above or below the drawers, which provide additional space for storing DVD players, game consoles or other devices. Being able to hang a cabinet on the wall that matches a hanging TV is a good, though less common, solution. At the same time, it provides easy and unobstructed access to the TV cabinet space. The spaces under a bookshelf or sofa are often a place to store many treasures, so it is worth ensuring that it is easily accessible, especially since it usually stands in place for many years. A hanging RTV cabinet is a functional addition to most homes. RTV cabinets, despite the fact that they do not seem popular, can be found everywhere, and the purchase of such a product is sure to be successful.

Hanging TV cabinet – at what height to place it?

The proper height of the placement of the cabinet and the TV in the living room is extremely important for comfort during movie screenings. Therefore, the installation of the wall-mounted TV cabinet should be placed so that the whole family can sit comfortably and freely on the sofa or in the armchair. Therefore, the TV should be placed at our eye level on the TV cabinet. Not too high, not too low. The center of the screen should be centrally located at the eye level of those watching. This will allow the eyes to be naturally directed to the screen, without forcing an uncomfortable and restrained position, causing pain. On average, the height of TV placement in the living room is about 110 cm (counting from the floor to the center point of the screen). For our TV, we should match the height of the placement of the wall cabinet.

Wood is a natural and impressive decoration of the house

Solid wood furniture offers many advantages, among which are durability, resistance to damage or the ability to renew furniture even after many years. For most people, however, the decisive factor is that solid wood furniture is a unique, natural decoration of any interior. There is no denying it – daily contact with real wood is the best way to feel good.

It is also worth remembering that solid wood furniture is extremely easy to keep clean. It is enough to regularly wipe the surface with a damp cloth. A lot of artificial surfaces have a tendency to appear stains and spots. However, wood with proper care of a hanging RTV cabinet will be in excellent condition for many years. And someday such a well-preserved item can become a family heirloom.