romans drewna i metalu
06 Apr

Wood and metal romance

Modern designs of wooden furniture, striving to increase the impression of lightness of the furniture and at the same time […]

Jak mieszkanie wpływa na Ciebie find us on
12 Dec

What effect your apartment has on you

A lot can be said about the influence of the environment on our well-being. We do not all realize that […]

Drewno i metal – unikalne połączenie find us on
23 Oct

Wood and metal – a unique combination

Stylish and at the same time original interiors form the mood of the house, which has a positive effect on […]

21 Sep

Furniture from recovered wood – a bridge between the past and present in your house.

Recovered wood comes mostly from demolished old barns or other farm buildings, warehouses, factories and similar objects. It is used […]

17 Aug

Are wood and metal furniture going out of fashion?

The combination of two different materials creates furniture in a rustic, industrial style, which is characterized above all by its […]