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Bedside cabinets of solid wood

Well-equipped bedroom can’t do without bedside tables. Many people can’t imagine bed without bedside tables set next to it. Bedside tables of oak wood are place to set up bedside lamp. to place books or put down mobile phone. In the bedside table, you can also store small items or documents. It is therefore furniture that will perfectly organize the place around the bed. In addition to the practical use of bedside cabinets, it is worth paying attention to furniture that will add elegance to the interior of your bedroom. Elegance and functionality are undoubtedly the features of RaWood bedside tables. Made of the highest quality materials, such as oak wood and steel, they will make any interior even more stylish.

Stylish bedside tables

Bedside tables from RaWood are modern furniture that fits into any type of interior. Oak wood, which is the main material used in their production, fits perfectly with minimalist interiors in the loft style, as well as in subdued, classic bedrooms. Our bedside cabinets are made of solid wood and finish of elements such as legs or handles is high-quality powder coated steel. Our bedside table models are characterized by great, bold design. Undercut fronts in some models are great idea for people who don’t recognize compromises, distinguished by their own style. Our offer also includes bedside tables of oak wood with cutouts on the front in the shape of ‘herringbone’. Decorative milling is expressive way to enhance the style of your bedroom.

In our offer of bedside tables you will also find proposals that you can perfectly integrate into minimalist, industrial interiors. Effect is emphasized by the composition of classic oak wood and black painted laminated board. Each of our bedside tables can be perfectly combined with other RaWood bedroom furniture. Find your dream chest of drawers and order the bedroom of your dreams today. Bedside table of solid wood also gives you the opportunity to combine it with other furniture in your apartment, such as bookcases or TV cabinets, for instance.

Functional bedside cabinet

Great design of our bedside tables is not their only advantage. Just as important as appearance is their functionality. Our designers make sure that every furniture created in our studio is not only beautiful, but also practical. That is why our bedside tables for bedroom have capacious drawers. In our offer you will find, among others, bedside tables, which have drawers with dimensions of 45 x 17 cm. This will allow you to store many items, such as documents, books or laptops. In this category you will also find other models. If you don’t need as much storage space, you can reach for cabinets with one drawer. As a result we also offer bedside cabinets, which in addition to the drawer and top top, also have additional shelf.

Solid wood bedside tables are small-sized furniture. Their width and length are within about 50 cm, and depth is about 40 cm. If dimensions of our bedside tables are too big or too small to fit your bedroom, we can adjust them. In the description of our bedside tables you will find the option ‘customize‘. It allows you to use the contact form to ask for changes in  size or design of our furniture. This will make your bedroom perfect! Before ordering, you can also ask for wood samples of materials to be sent – this will help you choose the right shade of wood oiling. Before arranging the interior of your apartment, it is also worth visiting our blog, in which you will find many tips on design and interior design.

Bedside table for any interior

Thanks to the materials used and high-quality workmanship, our bedside tables can be placed in any bedroom, regardless of style. Our customers place their bedside tables in bedrooms decorated in every possible climate. Order your bedside table in RaWood today and put it in your bedroom in the style of:

  • Boho
  • Scandinavian
  • Provencal
  • Industrial
  • Glamour
  • English

We guarantee that no matter what your bedroom looks like, bedside cabinet RaWood will give it even more interesting face!