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Dressers to living room

TV can be found in virtually every living room – it’s additional window to the world. Accessories that must be connected to RTV equipment require setting stylish and functional chest of drawers of solid wood under it. They can also perform various additional functions, and at the same time be a decoration of your living room.

What functions does modern TV chest of drawers perform?

It is worth considering what oak chest of drawers for the TV will be used for. Answer to this question will help you choose the right model for you. So what functions can it perform?

  • The most important task of any modern chest of drawers to living room is to provide space for TV equipment. Most often it is set-top box to support satellite TV. It can also be home theater or small computer, permanently connected to the TV.
  • There is usually a little less space under the TV, which is why wooden TV chests of drawers are usually low. Check how high furniture will fit under your TV.
  • Wealth of drawers allows you to hide many small things and organize your living room in this way. Thanks to this you will use the space under the TV to store many items.
  • Classic solid wood chests of drawers have beautifully finished tops that look great. You can put ornaments or porcelain figurines on them to further decorate your living room.
  • Industrial TV chests of drawers will better fit into raw rustic interiors.

For these reasons, oak modern TV chests of drawers in industrial style are often used under TVs.

Chest of drawers adjusted to your needs

Functional and elegant chest of drawers of solid wood is the perfect place for TV equipment. It should also be matched to the décor of your living room. Not without significance here is the material from which it was made – metal chests of drawers are the strength and lightness of the structure. Models without unnecessary drawers are great complement to the raw industrial décor. More massive, oak TV chests of drawers for living room, however, fit not only to the retro décor, but also to many others. Wood is very universal material and looks great in every place.

Our offer includes models of any size, door and drawer configuration and in any color. Many of them are tailored to individual, unique tasks – thanks to this you will certainly find something for yourself. We also encourage you to contact us – our employees will always show you the optimal solution.

Modern chest of drawers in living room design

There are many different types of dressers. You can find them in any design style and color that will suit the interior. Such furniture is very useful in the home, because it saves space and allows you to store various things there. Wooden chests of drawers are available in many forms and colors, so you can match them to any style of interior. The choice of a chest of drawers depends on the arrangement, the type of room and the individual needs of the users. Wooden chest of drawers is an essential part of any living room. It is not only functional, but also decorative and practical. You can store clothes, books and other small items in it. This furniture will make the room look more functional and cozy at the same time!

Wooden chests of drawers are made of high-quality materials that make them durable enough to last for many years. They are sturdy enough to easily hold heavy items such as books and clothes. These cabinets have many advantages over other types. In addition to its practical function, a wooden chest of drawers is an attractive piece of furniture. It is always a good idea to buy a chest of drawers made of high-quality wood and with a beautiful finish. It will be a great addition to the living room, bedroom or children’s room.

A wooden chest of drawers is a beautiful and practical piece of furniture that adds comfort and design to your home. This piece of furniture has endless possibilities. It can serve as storage for clothes, towels or bedding.

What kind of dresser for the living room? Room dressers

Quality workmanship, durability and design are the main advantages of this type of furniture. Among the most common types are:

  • wooden chests of drawers,
  • wooden chests of drawers with glass,
  • wooden chests of drawers on legs,
  • wooden chests of drawers with glazing that resemble low display cabinets.

The dimensions of the various models can vary from 80 to 140 cm, depending on what suits you best. You can choose a low chest of drawers to fit your small room, or opt for a larger model if you have a lot of free space.

Fashionable living room chests of drawers – how to create a spacious interior?

The living room is one of the most important rooms in any apartment. It is where we spend the most time with family and friends. In addition, it is also the place where we can relax after a hard day at work or simply watch TV while eating popcorn. Therefore, it is very important that the living room is beautifully decorated and is equipped with comfortable furniture to make us feel full relaxation.

A chest of drawers is an essential piece of furniture for any living room. It can serve as a place to store clothes, books, accessories and other items that we want to keep close at all times. It can also be used as a support for decorative items, such as vases or flowers. The chest of drawers is suitable for both private and commercial use. The choice of this piece of furniture depends on many factors: interior design, type of room, individual needs of users, etc. The choice of a wooden chest of drawers depends on how it will be used in the house. If it is to be a multifunctional piece of furniture, which will serve not only as a place to store clothes, but also as additional storage for various items, it is better to choose a large piece with maximum capacity. If you decide to buy a decorative chest of drawers just for its appearance and will not use it as additional storage space, then you can choose any size and color according to your taste and preference. Wooden chests of drawers are a great alternative to classic furniture in the living room, which will give it an original look.

What should I follow when choosing a dresser?

When looking for the right dresser, it is worth betting on classic dressers made of wood, as they are much more durable than other types of this furniture. Wooden dressers have many advantages over their counterparts made of other materials. First of all, they are usually more resistant to damage and scratches, so they will serve for many years without deteriorating and losing their original appearance.

The design of a wooden chest of drawers should derive from its function and purpose – if you want to create a feeling of luxury and comfort in your living room, look for designs that reflect these qualities – for example, rounded edges and solid wood stains that add depth to the overall look. Wooden chests of drawers with a classic design, on the other hand, are suitable for conventional interiors where elegance and simplicity prevail. Universal room chests of drawers, on the other hand, will work well in virtually any arrangement. White dressers are modern furniture that will find their way into many interior styles.