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Industrial loft style shelves

Hanging shelves made of solid wood are extremely functional and versatile. They are great for storing files and binders with documents in the office or home office. In addition, they can also be used to display a collection of books or vacation souvenirs in the living room, bedroom or children’s room. Wooden shelves allow you to create an original composition that is not only practical, but also extremely decorative. Wooden wine shelves are a great addition to the interior, which we also recommend as a gift idea for your home! Old wood shelves and industrial shelves add character to their surroundings. They also give you additional space to store items, while not taking up space.

Industrial wall shelves

Loft metal shelves wonderfully complement the interior design. Hanging on the wall, they do not take up space, and at the same time will provide plenty of room to organize things. Wooden shelves with an original design is a good way to make the interior more atmospheric. Sometimes such one small design element is enough to make a discreet metamorphosis of the room. Industrial shelves delight with their unconventional design. They are perfect for modern, austere rooms in industrial, loft style. They also fit perfectly into interiors in classic style. In them they will contrast interestingly with the rest of the arrangement and introduce a touch of industrial style.