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Wooden display cabinet 2 drawers and 4 shelves MERIS I
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Glass cabinets to living room

Oak wood display cabinets can be beautiful piece of equipment in any living room. Additional style is given to them by glass doors, thanks to which this wooden furniture gains additional character. Glass cabinet for living room will be integrated into interior regardless of the style in which it is made. If you are looking for elegant wooden furniture that will be functional and beautiful, choose glass cabinet RaWood. Thanks to this, your living room will look even better than before. When buying display cabinet with glass doors, your remaining furniture will take on completely new character.

Design and functionality

Furniture from custom furniture manufacturer RaWood is characterized by high quality of workmanship. In our manufactory for production of bookcases and display cabinets used only high-quality solid wood, mainly oak. That is why our products enjoy unflagging interest of customers and serve them for many years. In addition to using the best wooden boards, we create each furniture with due diligence, thanks to which every detail is properly refined. Our designers are people with passion, creating extraordinary sketches and ideas. On the basis of this, beautiful and elegant furniture is created.

By choosing our glass display cabinets for living room, you provide yourself with stylish equipment that will give your apartment new shine. In glass bookcase you can hide many different types of items, such as documents, souvenirs or photos. Our showcases are equipped with capacious cabinets and drawers that can accommodate a lot of different types of things. In addition to cabinets, the display cabinets also have shelves. You will set on them important for you and your family souvenirs and photos. It is also ideal place to set up vase with flowers or put collection of books. Glass cabinets are also ideal as furniture for storing tableware in dining room. You can hide some of kitchen utensils in cabinets, and you can put beautifully decorated tableware on the shelves.

Display cabinets tailored to your needs

Remember that each of our furniture can be adapted to your needs. If you liked one of the glass cabinets, but it will not fit into your dining room or living room, nothing is lost. Our team of designers will be happy to adapt it to your needs. Just click the ‘Customize furniture’ button in website description and send us instructions on the changes. We will take care of the rest – we will present our project proposal and offer.

You can also order glass display cabinet according to your own design. To do this, send us drawing or sketch of your own solution and we will create project based on it and price it. If you like it, you will soon receive ready furniture. Wood color samples will help you with this, that you can order here. You can also be inspired by our design and interior design tips.

To create our wooden glass cabinet, in addition to solid wood and glass, we also use metal elements. Legs and handles in some models are made of powder coated steel. In combination with wood and steel, they create unforgettable design that fits perfectly into both classic and modern interiors. It is also worth noting that the drawers used have TIP-ON system, so you can open them with a light touch.

Large and small glass cabinets

In our offer you will find display cabinets for every type of interior. Depending on your needs, you can choose glass cabinets with height of 180-220 cm. There are also differences in the width of our bookcases with glass. If you are looking for narrow furniture, reach for 100 cm wide display cabinet. If you prefer more massive, roomy bookcases, you have the option of ordering up to 170 cm wide furniture. Each of furniture is characterized by unique appearance. Display cabinets also differ in the type of oiling – some are better suited to modern, industrial rooms, while others to classic, rustic interiors. Glass display cabinets for living room can be perfect combination with tables RaWood and other furniture. Our customers are happy to order whole sets of furniture, for example display cabinets with chests of drawers.