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Oak tabletops

Oak tabletops have been fashionable for many decades and this trend is not expected to change in the future.  It is the perfect finishing touch for standing cabinets in the kitchen. Wooden table tops made of solid wood, provide strength and are resistant to damage, and at the same time can be easily renewed – and many times. As a result, they can look sensational in any kitchen for a very long time.

Oak tabletops ideal for any kitchen

Oak wood tabletops are very popular because of their high aesthetic appeal – the unique grain pattern makes each tabletop unique. The natural color of the wood is also highly valued, but depending on the style of interior design, colorful wood table tops are also available. In our offer you can find:

  • Raw wood tabletops – unprotected wood surface is easily discolored, so it needs to be oiled or varnished. On this occasion, the purchased countertop can be given any color to match other furniture in the kitchen.
  • Oiled oak tabletops – several times applied layer of oil deeply penetrates the tree. During this procedure, the color of the countertop darkens, which emphasizes its natural structure. Oiling, in turn, provides greater scratch resistance.
  • Varnished oak tabletops – varnish forms a protective layer on the surface of the tabletop. It provides protection not only from scratches, but also from stains.

Thanks to the possibility of giving wooden oak tabletops any color, the countertop you buy can be easily adapted to any style of interior design, making it a universal solution. Available colors of varnishes and oils for wood can be found HERE.

High-quality oak benchtops are always a good choice

Properly maintained oak tabletop for the kitchen can last for many years, providing high aesthetics. A great advantage is also the possibility of repeatedly renewing their surface and restoring the wood to its natural appearance and beauty.

We manufacture wood tabletops to size. In addition to the standard, frequently used sizes of oak countertops for a table, we can cut the desired shape for cabinets along with additional holes, for example, for a sink. This allows you to fully customize the countertop you buy. It is also possible to make straight natural edges or Swiss undercuts. To learn more and see if we will also make your dream oak kitchen countertop, email or call us. Our experienced staff will answer your questions and advise you on how to create a countertop that meets all your requirements.