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Glass front display cabinet – stylish storage


A display cabinet with a glass front is a piece of furniture that not only provides storage space, but is also an original element of interior design. A glass display case combined with solid oak wood will bring a cozy and elegant atmosphere to the interior. Check out our article on what you need to know about websites.

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Glass display cabinets – timeless furniture

Glass display cabinets are a great choice for a living room because they add elegance and style, while also allowing you to display various items such as books, art glass, collectibles, or ornaments. There are many different types of glass display cabinets available on the market, allowing you to customize them to suit your preferences and needs. Here are some types of glass display cabinets that will suit your living room, dining room or kitchen:

  • Standing display cabinets: These are classic display cabinets that can be placed anywhere in the living room. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose the right model for your space. Check out our range of oak display cabinets.
  • Backlit display cabinets: Glass display cabinets with LED lighting or spot lighting can add extra impact to your exhibits and enhance their beauty. If you want to add lighting to your site, please email us!
  • Display cabinets with shelves and drawers: If you want to have a place to store other things in addition to displaying your items, such display cabinets with shelves or drawers can be the perfect solution.
  • Mirrored back wall display cabinets: Mirrored back wall display cabinets can make the space seem larger and the items will be reflected in the mirror, creating an interesting visual effect. Do you want to use an unusual solution? Contact us.
  • Glass doors: Our display cases have glass doors that can be closed to protect items from dust or damage. This is especially useful if you store valuable collections. All glass display cabinets are equipped with a soft-closing system, which minimizes damage to the glass fronts.



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Glass display cabinet – what to store in it?

A glass front display case is a great place to store and display a variety of items that you want to display or protect from dust and damage. Here are some ideas of what you can store on such a site:

  • Collectibles: The glass display case is ideal for storing and displaying various collections, such as coins, stamps, figurines, minerals, jewelry, watches or postcards.
  • Art glass: If you have beautiful art glass, such as vases, plates, bowls or other items, a display case with a glass front allows you to display them and protect them from damage.
  • Books: If you have valuable books or old prints, you can store them on the site. This will make them available for reading while being protected from dust and moisture.
  • Porcelain & Ceramics: A display case can be a place to display delicate porcelain and ceramic items such as cups, plates, figurines or vases.
  • Seasonal decorations: You can use the site to store and display Christmas decorations, decorations for various occasions, or seasonal decorations.
  • Wine glass and glasses: A glass display case can be the perfect place to store wine glasses and crystal glasses that you want to display.
  • Significant documents: If you have significant documents such as diplomas, letters, photos, or old family documents, a glass front website will help you secure and present them.
  • Art Collections: If you are an art lover, you can use the site to showcase your paintings, sculptures, or other works of art.



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Glass display cabinets made of solid oak wood – how to take care of them?

Taking care of your oak display cabinet is essential to keep it looking beautiful and durable for many years to come. Glass display cabinets are known for their exceptional durability and elegance, but they require proper care. Natural oak is not a furniture board, so this material requires proper care. Here are some tips on how to make your product condition at its best:

  • Cleaning: A glass-fronted display case needs to be cleaned regularly. Remove dust and dirt from the display case using a soft, dry cloth or microfiber. Avoid dry washing the dust as this can cause scratches on the surface.
  • Avoid chemicals: Avoid using cleaners that contain harsh or harsh chemical ingredients, such as ammonia or bleach, as they can damage the paintwork or the surface of the wood.
  • Polishing: If you want to restore the shine of a piece of furniture, you can use a special wood polishing agent designed for oak furniture. Be sure to use it in moderation, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Sun protection: Avoid exposing your oak display cabinet directly to intense sunlight, which can lead to fading of the wood. If that’s not possible, consider covering your windows or using curtains or blinds to limit your exposure to UV radiation.
  • Air humidity: Oak is a wood that reacts to changes in humidity. To keep your furniture in good condition, keep the humidity in the room adequate, preferably between 40-60%. Also, avoid extreme changes in humidity, which can lead to cracks in the wood.
  • Protection against scratches and damage: Use placemats with sharp bottoms to avoid scratches on the surface or shelves of the display case. Be careful when moving and rearranging furniture.
  • Maintenance: Periodically, every few years, you may want to consider renovating the furniture by refreshing the surface of the wood and applying a new layer of varnish or wax. This will help in preserving its beauty and protecting it from wear and tear.



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Display cabinet with a made-to-measure glass front

We create oak furniture available from our offer visible on the website. We also tailor our products to the individual requirements of our customers. This means that each piece of furniture visible on the website can be in a different size or color. For example, a CARLA display cabinet with a black body can also be made with a white or oak wood body. We personalize each product, add drawers, handles and other finishing elements. By ordering a product from our offer, you will receive a ready-made piece of furniture that does not require self-assembly. Delivery or delivery with delivery is agreed with the customer so that the date is as appropriate as possible. The order is shipped after about 6/7 weeks from the date of payment.

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