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Modern table with oak top – what to look for?

Modern table made of oak wood

Tables for the dining room or living room should look consistent with the interior design. Therefore, if your living room combines modernity with a hint of industrial taste, choose modern wooden tables. Our tables with a wooden top on metal legs are made by hand. We take care of the smallest detail so that your modern wooden table is unique. Tables made of solid wood and powder coated steel are currently one of the hottest interior design hits. A table in a modern or industrial style will look great not only in the dining room or living room, but also in the conference room or office. Modern tables combine the rawness of steel and the natural beauty of an oak top. Check out our modern tables and you will surely find a table with an oak top for yourself.



Blat dębowy lakierowany olejowany - szwajcarskie krawędzie

A modern wooden table adapted to the interior

When choosing a dining table, it is worth remembering that it is one of the most important pieces of furniture. Why? The table is a meeting place for family or loved ones, a place to talk or perform everyday duties such as work or doing homework. Wooden tables can be associated with a heavy and massive construction. Wooden tables with black legs made of steel look light and tasteful.

If you are looking for a table made entirely of wood, check out our NACK model. This is a beautiful industrial style wooden table made of 100% solid oak wood. The classic look closed in a modern form will look great in various interior styles. Modern wooden tables, depending on the size of the room, are furniture that gives style to any room.

Our next proposal is a modern DEVON oak table with effective metal legs. Solidly made frame legs look light and stylish. The table combines industrial style and modern style.

An interesting proposition is the OLBERO rectangular wooden table with glass elements. An oak table with a glass insert in the top will work in any space, be it in a retro style or a raw loft arrangement.



Nowoczesny stół z drewnianym blatem rozkładany z dostawkami na wymiar do jadalni CORTEZ

How to arrange a modern wooden table?

A modern wooden table can be arranged in a way that emphasizes its modern character while preserving the natural solid wood. Here are some arrangement suggestions:

  • Minimalist decoration: In the case of a modern wooden table, it is worth focusing on minimalism in the arrangement. Limit the number of decorative elements and keep it simple. Choose a few elegant decorative items, such as minimalist vases, ceramic figures or glass candlesticks. Focus on the quality of workmanship and avoid excess decorations.
  • Contrasts: Modern style is often based on contrasts. Contrasting elements can be used to emphasize a wooden table. For example, if the table is made of dark wood, you can combine it with light chairs or white cushions on the chairs. Color contrast can add dynamism and visual interest.
  • Lighting: In the case of a wooden table, it is worth focusing on the right lighting that will emphasize its natural beauty. You can install a modern hanging chandelier or sconce above the table, which will provide adequate lighting during meals and create a pleasant atmosphere. You can also use table lamps with lampshades in a modern design
  • Stylish chairs: Choose chairs that will compliment your wooden table and give it a modern feel. These can be chairs with black or chrome metal legs, solid wood chairs with a minimalist design or upholstered chairs with a modern shape. It is worth taking care of seating comfort and aesthetics to create a coherent composition.
  • Natural additions: To emphasize the naturalness of a wooden table, you can add some elements related to nature. For example, a small vase with dried flowers or a piece of wood can be placed in the center of the table as a candle holder. Additions such as potted plants, marble coasters and linen napkins can add natural charm and texture.
  • Order: modern wooden tables look best when they are neat and clean. Keep the table tidy, remove unnecessary items and clean it regularly. This will help maintain the elegance and aesthetics of the table.


Stół z dębowym blatem metalowymi nogami do jadalni GOVER

What characterizes modern tables?

When describing a modern table, you can focus on various aspects such as design, materials, functionality and innovative features. Check what characterizes modern wooden tables:

  • Minimalist design: Modern tables often have a simple, minimalist form. They are characterized by clean lines, smooth surfaces and an elegant appearance.
  • Use of modern materials: Tables can be made of various materials, such as stainless steel, glass, plastic, laminated or high-gloss lacquered wood. A combination of different materials is often used to create an interesting visual effect.
  • Functionality: Modern tables often have all sorts of features that increase their usability. They can have built-in shelves, drawers, integrated lighting systems, trays for cables for charging electronics or fold-out tops that allow you to enlarge the work surface.
  • Lighting: Modern tables often use lighting to add visual impact and create atmosphere. It can be LED lighting built into the table top or backlighting of the table legs.
  • Modularity: Some modern tables are modular, meaning they can be adapted to changing needs and preferences. Elements of such tables can be combined and separated depending on the individual needs of the user.



Designerski stół z drewnianym blatem na metalowych nogach do salonu VITA

Modern oak table to size

As a furniture manufacturer, we know that the table is a key element of interior design. All furniture from our offer, as well as modern wooden tables, can be adapted to your needs! You can change the size of the table top, change the color of the oak wood or order table extensions and create a modern extendable table. Check the available colors of varnishes and oils, which, in addition to protecting the tabletop against dirt, ensure a beautiful color of the wood. You don’t know what color of the top should your modern wooden table have? Order wood samples and choose a color that will match the rest of the furniture in the interior.

If you don’t have much space, put on a wooden folding table. Wooden tables with extensions will allow you to host more people. In addition, the folded folding table will not take up much space. When ordering a folding table, you will receive a special box for storing extras! It doesn’t matter if you choose a round table, an extendable table or a small oak table – we can ensure that with our help this piece of furniture will be fully functional and stylish.

We can also realize your individual table design! Write to us and specify the shape of the table top, dimensions and whether the table is to be in industrial style, Provencal style or vintage style. If you dream of a round table tailored to your dining room, living room or kitchen – send us your inspirations and ideas, and we’ll take care of the rest! Create a modern wooden table with us or a table with a wooden top and metal legs made especially for you!

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