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How to choose your table legs?

Jakie wybrać nogi do stołu, by pasowały do całego wnętrza?

What legs I should choose for my dining table to fit into whole interior?

Legs for tables – it would seem that this is simple topic that we don’t have to think about for long time – have always been in every home. Depending on which leg we choose for the table, this furniture can define the style in which we will decorate the entire interior or perfectly complement the existing arrangement of living room or dining room.

Well-chosen table legs are really important. Find out what to look for when choosing table for your interior, so that the whole looks harmonious and furniture can serve you and your family for many years.

Choosing the right table for your dining room

We choose table not only for interior, but also for style of functioning and number of household members – we will decide on different model when we have large family and often organize parties and another when we have only small family. In both of these cases, it is worth thinking carefully about your choice to find one that will coherently fit into the arrangement of the room. As it turns out – it is not always as simple as it may seem.

Perfect table for everyone does not exist – but when it fulfills its functions and you are happy to use it, then you can say that you have found the right one.

In today’s busy world, celebrating shared meals takes on deeper meaning, so when choosing the right table for dining room or living room, first determine its dimensions – it would be good if it accommodated all household members and had additional places for guests.

Perfectly matched to interior, table will not only have practical function – it will also become original decoration of living room or dining room. Handmade table with attention to detail, will not even need tablecloth to be an ornament in itself.

After choosing size of table, it was time to choose material from which tabletop is made and its color. Don’t forget about the legs – they’re very important today when we look at the table!

Perfect legs for your dining table

Table legs are less and less often a common element – permanently connected to tabletop. Often, when deciding on table made to order, we have the opportunity to modify how it will look at the final stage – this is very convenient solution, because we get table according to our wishes, perfectly matched to style of interior.

Although seemingly insignificant, legs to table can define the style of the room in which they are located. Table with wooden legs will emphasize the classics that reign in your interior – it’s excellent choice if you like simple solutions. Classic tables as well as tables made of old wood are increasingly suited to minimalist interiors. Combination of old table with modern interior can sometimes be surprisingly successful duo!

When your interior is in industrial style and you like solid and at the same time simple furniture that is not only functional, but also beautiful, handmade table with solid wood top and metal legs in black is excellent choice. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the size of tabletop and choose the color of leg, in this way you will create your own original furniture that will add character to your interior. Metal legs matched to wooden table top are great combination – it will work in many interiors.

If you like more modern aesthetics and minimalist workmanship, opt for rectangular leg in combination with hand-made, wooden tabletop, it will make no one pass by the table indifferently. Such dining table made of solid wood, in this simple connection, looks extremely elegant.

For fans of rustic interiors, table with simple tabletop and legs with universal oak color will perfectly fit into natural arrangement of living room or dining room. For rustic style, you can also find second-hand table – such furniture with history will create great atmosphere in the room and give it unique coziness.

Scandinavian style, fashionable recently is bright colors and simple form of workmanship – such assumptions will fit functional model of dining table with extensions. Thanks to this option, even unexpected visit of guests will not pose any organizational challenge for you.

In the Scandinavian style, the whole arrangement is also coherent and there are no elements that throw themselves into the foreground, which is why bright table with legs in simple form will fit well in such interior.

How to pick the best metal table legs?

Regardless of whether you choose table with wooden, metal or other plastic legs for your interior, you should first pay attention to their functionality and ergonomics. It’s important that legs to the table do not interfere with any person who will use the table; therefore, also choose the right number of chairs for furniture so that its users are simply comfortable. What else should you pay attention to when looking for the right legs for your table?

  • Material from which legs are made – wood will emphasize elegance of your room, but you have to reckon with the fact that it is natural material and simply ‘works’, which may cause its delamination and loss of its original shape. If you care about dining table that will stay with you for years, you can opt for metal legs – then you can be sure that they are able to withstand a lot and will be resistant to impacts, scratches and weather conditions; in addition, they are very durable and can hold even large oak tabletops.
  • Practicality – some of tables have adjustable legs, which will be great solution when you need to adjust the height of tabletop to specific occasion or height of users.
  • Shape – choice is extremely wide, so look around, define style that prevails in your room and choose the right table with matching legs. You can choose legs in the form of: square, rectangular, trapezoidal, X-type, H-shaped and more. There are a lot of options – it all depends on your imagination.
  • Size of table and weight of tabletop – remember to choose the leg adequately to the size of tabletop. If you dream of large table that will accommodate the whole family for the holidays, also choose a properly stable base for it.
  • Floor color – legs of table have direct contact with floor, so they should fit into it. If your floor is neutral base for further arrangements, you will have no problem choosing amatching leg, even the most original one. However, when your floor is made in slightly more bold arrangement, pay attention to the selection of matching table base.