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Wooden display cabinet for the living room – an effective way of storage.

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What display cabinets will be best for displaying and storing things in the living room?

The choice of display cabinets for displaying and storing things in the living room depends on your personal preferences, decoration style and the functionality you want to achieve. Here are some popular options:

  1. Glass showcases: A glass showcase is elegant and perfect for displaying decorative items such as glass figurines, porcelain or book collections. The stylish wooden showcase can be open or with a door, providing protection against dust and other contaminants. Glass display cabinets look very elegant and each one will work well in any room – they are suitable for the living room, dining room or kitchen.
  2. Wooden showcases: A wooden showcase adds warmth and character to the living room. It can come in a variety of styles and finishes, such as rustic, modern, or classic. Perfect for storing books, family souvenirs or decorative trinkets.
  3. Display cabinets with closed shelves: If you want to keep items out of sight or protect them from dust and other external factors, you may want to consider display cabinets with doors or closed shelves. Hanging display cabinets or corner display cabinets are also perfect for this purpose.
    Display cases with built-in lighting: A wooden display case equipped with LED lighting or other internal lighting can highlight the displayed items, giving them additional shine and attractiveness.
  4. Corner showcases: If you have limited space in the living room, it is worth considering corner showcases, which effectively use unused space in the corner of the room.
  5. Modular Display Cases: If you want flexibility in arrangement and storage, modular display cabinets allow you to personalize the size and layout to fit your needs.
  6. Showcases with a mirror: Showcases with a mirror can visually enlarge the space and additionally reflect light, which makes the room seem brighter and more spacious.
  7. Display cabinets with sliding doors: Sliding doors allow you to easily open and close display cabinets, saving space and adding a modern touch to your interior.

    Remember that the selection of display cabinets should harmonize with the overall decorative style of your living room and meet your individual needs for storing and displaying items.


Why is it worth choosing display cabinets made of solid oak wood?

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A wooden display cabinet made of oak is a very advantageous choice for several reasons:

  1. Durability: Oak wood is known for its strength and durability. It is a species of wood with very dense fibers, which makes it resistant to mechanical damage and wear. Cheap display cabinets made of board will not be as durable as any wooden display cabinet available in our offer. Finishing the wood with varnish increases its resistance to scratching and abrasion, while oiling highlights the noble grain of the wood. This makes the wooden display case emphasize the character of the room.
  2. Aesthetics: Oak has a natural, elegant appearance that adds character and warmth to a room. Beautiful, visible grains and rich colors of oak wood make the wooden display case aesthetically attractive. The color of the Sonoma oak display case can now be thrown into the past. See what a wide range of colors of varnishes and wood oils we offer.
  3. Stylistic versatility: Oak wood suits a variety of decorating styles, from traditional to modern. They can be easily matched to existing interior design, making them a versatile choice.
  4. Easy to work with: Oak is relatively easy to work with, which means it can be formed into a variety of shapes and sizes. This allows you to tailor your website to your individual needs. A wooden display cabinet for the dining room should have drawers and shelves, because in such rooms it is worth having the necessary items at hand. A chest of drawers can also fulfill this function.
  5. Dimensional Stability: Oak wood is dimensional stable, which means it tends to shrink or expand minimally with changes in temperature and humidity. T0 makes it a stable material for furniture production.
  6. Ease of maintenance: Furniture made of solid oak wood is relatively easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and maintenance will maintain their appearance and durability for many years.
  7. Value: Oak wood is valued for its durability and aesthetics, which can contribute to increasing the value of furniture made of this material.

Therefore, oak wood display cabinets may be an excellent choice for people looking for high-quality, durable and aesthetically attractive furniture for their living room.

Wooden display cabinet with glass fronts – what to store in it?

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Display cabinets with glass fronts are a great place to display decorative items that you want to have on display. At the same time, you protect them against dust and other contaminants. Here are some ideas for what can be stored in display cabinets with glass fronts:

  1. Porcelain and glass: Display cabinets with glass fronts are an ideal place to display collections of porcelain, art glass or crystals. They allow you to admire delicate details and patterns without exposing them to damage.
  2. Books: If you’re proud of your book collection, glass-fronted display cabinets can be a great place to display them. You can arrange them aesthetically, creating an attractive arrangement.
  3. Collecting antiques or memorabilia: If you collect antiques or other valuable items, glass-fronted display cabinets are a great place to display them, and a tight seal ensures protection against damage.
  4. Collections: Display cases with glass fronts can also be used to display various types of collections, such as figurines, miniatures, coins or postage stamps. For this purpose, choose models with shelves and cabinets – this will be a practical solution for placing many items.
  5. Coffee and tea sets: If you have elegant coffee and tea sets, place them in a display case with glass fronts made of high-quality materials so that you can use them easily and at the same time protect them from contamination. The Rawood Premium Furniture store offers display cabinets with glass fronts, which are very popular.
  6. Cutlery and crockery: If you don’t have enough space in the kitchen to store all your crockery, cutlery and glassware, a wooden display case with glass fronts can be an alternative place to keep these items. A living room display case with drawers and shelves can be used in a modern interior.

A wooden display cabinet with glass fronts and drawers offers wide arrangement possibilities. You can easily adapt it to various storage and display needs. At the same time, you will maintain aesthetics and functionality in any interior.

Order stylish custom-made furniture

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In our store you will find wooden showcases, modern glass showcases, chests of drawers, desks and shelves that we create by hand. We also adapt the furniture from the store’s offer to your individual needs and requirements. We work with the utmost care to create furniture in various sizes, colors and styles, and the materials are of the highest quality.
Match the furniture to your interior and ensure convenience and comfort of use. Check out the available models in our online store, our offer is rich in interesting solutions and unique design.

We are a manufacturer of furniture such as solid wood tables, chests of drawers, showcases and desks.

We create furniture to order and according to individual designs.
If you are interested in a chest of drawers or a wooden display cabinet tailored to industrial interiors, or maybe you are looking for a piece of furniture unlike any other? Write to us using the form.
Send us your inspirations and we’ll do the rest! We will create a display case for you that will add shine to your room.


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