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Wooden dining table – what to look for?

Stół drewniany do jadalni na co zwrócić uwagę jaki stół drewniany kupić drewniane stoły okrągłe

Wooden dining table – what to pay attention to before buying?

Without a doubt, the table is the heart of every home. It is the central place in the house for meeting friends, spending time with family, and celebrating important occasions. That’s why a wooden dining table plays such a significant role in every home, so choosing one may not be so easy at all. Therefore, we suggest how to choose a wood table and what to pay attention to before buying.

Dining room table – which one to choose?

There are many models of tables on the market, and the term “wooden table” is very broad. Often wooden tables are called plywood tables, or even artisan oak table or sonoma oak table are often referred to as wooden tables. Therefore, at the outset, let’s compare the two options: plywood table and solid wood table. Is it worth buying furniture made of plywood? Definitely no! These tables are definitely cheaper, but these are only appearances. A plywood table will serve us for quite a short time, because its quality is much poorer than a solid oak table. Therefore, we will quickly have to buy a new table which entails additional costs, but as a result, the cheaper option will turn out to be a high-quality solid wood table! Which, de facto, will turn out to be a much cheaper option than replacing the table every year. And moreover, a solid wood table is only more beautiful over time. Well, and above all, solid and durable!

The second option is a table with metal legs, which is just as sturdy as one with wooden legs. The choice between a table with metal legs and wooden ones is just a matter of taste, preferences and the interior in which the table will stand. Oak tables with metal legs mainly fit loft, industrial and modern interiors. While modern tables with wooden legs are recommended for classic, rustic, vintage, retro or Scandinavian interiors. You can read about the choice of legs in our article on What to choose legs for a table, which we encourage you to read! There you will find answers to all the most frequently asked questions and doubts before choosing table legs. On the other hand, in this article we will focus primarily on wood. 100% solid oak wood table – we will suggest what to pay attention to before buying!

Wooden tables – what should you know before buying?

Drewniany stół dębowy do jadalni na wymiar producent stołów na zamówienie

Wooden dining table is really popular, and for good reason! Being made of solid oak wood guarantees us that the dining table for the living room will serve for many years. Even if we want to replace it with another model, we will certainly be able to entrust the current wooden dining table to other hands, interior. Oak wood certainly attracts people living in the spirit of zero waste to purchase. Because such a table acquired several years ago, we can easily sell it and it will serve many more long years! Thus, we will not lose anything on its purchase, and will even gain. Oak tables are of high quality, which makes them only more beautiful with age and all the time solid and durable.

Do you want the table to take up not much space on a daily basis, but during holidays or celebrations you want to host the whole family, many friends of friends? Our wooden folding table will easily help you do this. The wooden folding table, on the other hand, is a novelty in our offer and is very popular. The tops of the extending tables are made of one length of lamellas, which makes the table with extensions have a continuity of grain. This looks very nice and aesthetically pleasing. After adding extensions to the top, the continuity of the grain of natural oak wood is preserved. Therefore, when deciding on a solid table, it is worth betting on a folding version. Perhaps on a daily basis the extensions will not be used too often, but in emergencies or during holidays we will gain much more space for guests at the table.

It is worth paying attention to the size of the table. But… When shopping in our store you don’t have to worry about it. Because we will adjust the dimension of each table to your needs! If you are looking for a smaller table or a much larger one, and our standard offer lacks such a dimension, just contact us and we will make a table on your request, according to the selected dimensions.

Round or rectangular table – which one to choose?

Okrągły stół drewniany do salonu jaki wybrać rozkładany stół okrągły dębowy do jadalni

Rectangular, square and round are the most common forms of modern dining tables available on the market. This is a very important factor when choosing a table. There are modern rectangular, square, round and oval tables. However, the simplest table forms are the most practical. Because with such tables it is possible to install a system of unfolding, extensions, choose the edge of the top. In the case of an oval table, we can not choose the natural edges of the top. Another factor is the desire to match the coffee table to our dining room table. The coffee table will be much easier to match with a rectangular or square table, because we can then easily reduce the form of the legs. On the other hand, in the case of a round table, not all leg forms can be diminished and applied to such a small table. These are just two examples of factors to consider when choosing a table. In the following section, we will present other important factors to consider if we are at the stage of choosing a table shape.

Matching the table to the style of the interior – it will be much easier with a rectangular or square table. Such a wooden dining table can be placed both in the middle of the room and against the wall, and then we will even gain more space. Come on, unfortunately, it will be at the expense of space at the table, as fewer people will be able to sit at it. On the other hand, a round dining table looks better in the center of the interior, as it will take up more space when pushed against the wall. Due to the round shape of the table, it will find itself better in the space of the kitchen or dining room.

Stół do jadalni jaki rozmiar dla ilu osób?

The amount of space at a round table versus a rectangular table. Another important issue to pay attention to. For rectangular or square tables, we theoretically usually have a strictly defined number of seats relative to each side. Due to the positioning of the chairs, it is assumed about 60 cm of space for one person. Which means that a 140×80 table will sit 4 or 6 people as a standard. The round table is more versatile, because we decide how many people will sit at the table. The round living room table is devoid of corners, which means that even after adding chairs for unexpected guests, no one will be sitting on the corner. It is easy to add extra chairs here. On the other hand, oak tables with straight sides have an important advantage – they are much more versatile, because we can use such a table in the living room or dining room, as well as a desk in the office.

Czy warto kupić stół drewniany?

Perhaps after reading the whole article you are asking yourself whether it is worth choosing a wooden table, since we have to pay attention to so many factors when buying one? It’s definitely worth taking a moment now to match the wooden dining table to all your requirements and expectations. In return for this time spent, you will get a table that perfectly meets all your needs. You won’t be adding to your problems because your plywood table simply falls apart after a month of use…. The color is not what you would like. The table does not provide enough space, it is too small…. It is hard for you to set it in your interior…. These are just a few of the problems that happen after buying a table of poor quality, workmanship. That’s why it’s worth taking a moment to choose a table that you will like. When deciding on a particular piece of furniture, we are primarily guided by our own taste, needs and interior.

If you have any questions, need advice on choosing a table, matching it to your interior and more – you are welcome to contact us! We will be happy to answer all your questions and dispel any doubts!

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