Wood and metal romance

Połączenie drewna i metalu

Modern designs of wooden furniture, striving to increase the impression of lightness of the furniture and at the same time introduce extraordinary combinations. Giving wood furniture simple, industrial forms often uses a connection with metal. Metal legs of tables and benches, shelves of cabinets and shelves as well as bands or steel inserts of shelves contrast with solid wood. They often look like a wood frame that draws attention to its graining or reception. This unusual combination makes furniture combining wood and metal more and more often find a place not only in the spaces of modern offices and offices but also go to homes and lofts where they enjoy the eye and bring a natural, friendly atmosphere.

wood and metal
Tables are solid wood and metal perfectly working in conference rooms and salons and benches or desks on a steel structure are an interesting and practical decoration for your surroundings. Therefore, when planning a space it is worth to put on natural solid wood that will always add splendor and chic.