Wood and metal – a unique combination

Drewno i metal – unikalne połączenie find us on https://www.facebook.com/RaWoodpl/

Stylish and at the same time original interiors form the mood of the house, which has a positive effect on both recreation and work. Although we tend to choose conventional solutions, we might also choose a different path and go with fresh and extraordinary interior furnishings, which stand out from the crowd.
This category includes furniture made of wood with metal elements, such as handles and other ornaments that are not ment to have any special function except to decorate.

Originality and uniqueness

Furniture, which has this exceptional character, is often manufactured on customer’s request – in this case repeatability or mass production is not possible. It is unique; each one gets its own unique design and therefore an unparalleled quality. Furniture plans might undergo changes, creating an even more original product, both in form and in structure.

Warmth and severity

Wood embodies warmth and naturalness – it brings peace and relaxation. Metal, on the other hand, is associated with cold and severity. Thanks to the symbiosis of both fabrics, balance, harmony and perfect aesthetics are achieved.
Furniture made of wood, which is decorated with metal elements, is an excellent choice especially in high-quality rooms, both at home and in the office. Such furniture presents itself superbly in lofts – it is known for its modern form and resist the transience with success.