What effect your apartment has on you

Wpływ wystroju mieszkania na samopoczucie

A lot can be said about the influence of the environment on our well-being. We do not all realize that the appearance of our apartment has a lot of impact on our mood and condition. Sometimes ill-fitting of the interior elements can cause depression and other illnesses. Experts advise adjusting one’s apartment interior to his or her own preferences because only this way we can feel comfortably and safely in it.

Colouring by personality

Some people like bright, colorful interiors and others prefer less vivid or calmer hues. Instead of being guided by the fashion for diversities let us follow our own individual instincts and choose those colours and contrasts around which we feel nice and cozy.

Both the way of how our walls and furniture are coloured matters. The whole should be a combination of shades that provide unique, home decor. Many interiors vary depending on the owner’s personality. Quiet people, who like to have everything ordered, may feel uncomfortable in the colours of the rainbow and vice versa. Let’s not try to copy trends since those may badly affect our day-to-day well-being.

Always choose the furniture you like

Furniture is one of the most important elements of the apartment. The wide range of products available on the market means that buying them takes a lot of time. It’s hard to say whether it is better to focus on what we like individually or to follow the advice of professional interior designers. Remember however, that only in the interior surrounded by products that evoke positive energy in us, we can feel really good. For peace and quiet, it is worth considering wooden furniture that helps to introduce the atmosphere of family home warmth and cosiness.

Our mood can be affected not only by the appearance but also by functionality and the amount of furniture. When there are too many of these elements we feel overwhelmed and when there are too few of them it’s just  a matter of time before mess and chaos occur.

Home and flat are of those places that affect us to the largest extentsince we spend most of our lives there. Do not be afraid to design them to your liking as the properly adjusted environment will provide you with a sense of security that everyone of us needs a lot.