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Oak coffee table – A practical piece of furniture that will last for many years

An oak coffee table is not only a functional element of interior design, but also a stylish addition that can significantly improve the aesthetics of any room and an element without which we cannot imagine our home and life. A coffee table is extremely useful during lonely moments of relaxation, reading, or resting after work. A wooden bench or oak table has also become necessary when we host our friends and spend time with family. This is where we can put away the necessary items, a tray with cups or a small snack, and have everything at hand.

Oak coffee table: why is it worth having?

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1. Durability and strength

Oak is one of the most durable trees and has been valued for its durability for centuries. The table made of solid oak wood will be resistant to mechanical damage, scratches and everyday wear. Coffee tables made of natural wood will serve for many years without losing their charm.

2. Classic and elegant appearance

Oak wood is characterized by a beautiful, natural grain pattern that gives the furniture a unique and elegant look. Oak coffee tables can add warmth and coziness to the interior, and at the same time look extremely stylish. It is a material that goes well with both modern and traditional arrangements.

3. Versatility

Oak coffee tables are extremely universal and can be used in various rooms and arrangements. They fit both the living room and the living room or office. They can be easily matched to other furniture and accessories, regardless of the interior style.

4. Eco-friendliness

By choosing oak furniture, you support sustainable sources and ecological practices. Wood is a renewable and biodegradable material, which makes oak furniture more environmentally friendly compared to those made of plastic or metal.

5.Ease of Care

Oak wood is relatively easy to care for. Regularly wiping it with a damp cloth and using appropriate wood preservatives will keep the table looking like new for many years. Oak’s natural resistance to moisture and stains makes it even easier to keep it clean.

6. Investment Value

Furniture made of solid wood, especially from such valued species as oak, tends to retain its value on the market. An oak table can also be a good investment for the future, without losing value over the years.

A wooden coffee table is a choice that combines functionality, aesthetics and durability. This is a piece of furniture that will certainly add character to any interior, and at the same time will serve for many years. If you value natural beauty, solid workmanship and classic design, oak furniture will be an excellent choice.

Which wooden coffee table should you choose for the living room and what should you pay attention to when buying?

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Choosing an oak coffee table for the living room is a decision that requires taking into account several key factors. Here are some aspects worth paying attention to:

1. Style and Design

If your living room has a traditional decor, it is worth paying attention to coffee tables with a classic design, with carved details and a natural wood finish. Tables with simple, minimalist forms, often with metal accents, suit modern interiors. The rustic style is characterized by the raw appearance of wood, often with visible knots and irregularities.

2. Size and Proportion

Living room size: Coffee tables should not dominate the rest of the furniture or limit the space too much. Match its size to the size of the room and other furniture.
Height: The height of the coffee table should be adjusted to the height of the seats of sofas and armchairs. Typically, the table is slightly lower than the sofa seat.

3. Functionality

Storage and shelves: If you need additional storage space, choose a table with drawers, shelves or other storage spaces.
Tabletop: Consider whether you need a smooth tabletop on which to place drinks and snacks, or a more decorative one with inlays or carvings.

4. Material and Finish

Solidity of wood: Oak is strong and durable, but check whether the wood is properly protected against moisture and mechanical damage.
Finish: The choice between lacquered, oiled or waxed finish affects the appearance and care of the furniture. Lacquered wood is easy to clean, but has a less natural feel. Oiled and waxed wood retains its natural appearance, but requires regular maintenance.

5. Color

Natural oak color: The warm tones of solid oak match many interior styles.
Stained wood: You can choose a table in various shades, from light, natural oak to dark, elegant colors, depending on the rest of the arrangement.

6. Budget

Price: The price of oak coffee tables may vary. Consider how much you want to spend, but remember that quality goes hand in hand with price.

7. Crafts

Workmanship: Check whether the table is solidly made, with attention to detail. A well-made piece of furniture made of natural wood will last for years.

How to choose the height of a coffee table for a sofa?

Choosing the right height of a coffee table for a sofa is crucial for the comfort of use and the aesthetics of the interior. Here are some tips on how to choose the right height of a coffee table for your sofa:

1. Standard Heights

The standard height of a coffee table is usually between 40 cm and 50 cm. This is the right height for most sofas. If you prefer a modern, minimalist look, you can consider a table about 30-35 cm high. Such tables often match low, modern sofas.

2. Relationship to Kanapa

The most comfortable table is usually level with the sofa seat or slightly lower (up to 5 cm lower). This makes it easier to reach items on the table. If you plan to use the table frequently for working or eating, a taller table may be more practical. In this case, choose a table that is a few centimeters higher than the sofa seat, but still below the level of the armrests.

3. Measuring the Couch

Measure the height of the couch seat from the floor. Based on this measurement, it will be easier to choose the appropriate table height. If the seat height of the sofa is 45 cm, the ideal height of the coffee table should be between 40 cm and 45 cm.

4. Style and Functionality

Choose the height of the table in accordance with the overall style of the interior. Modern interiors often prefer lower tables, while traditional interiors may work better with taller furniture. Consider what you will most often use the coffee table for. If mainly for decoration and occasional use, the standard height will be fine. If you will often eat or work on it, a higher table may be more practical.

5. Practical Tips

If you can, try the table next to your sofa before purchasing. You can use a cardboard box or other object of appropriate height to see how it will look and whether it will be comfortable. If you’re not sure, a standard wooden coffee table about 45 cm high is usually a good choice.

The selection of the height of a coffee table for a sofa should be based on measuring the height of the sofa seat and taking into account the style of the interior and the purpose of the table. The most comfortable are tables that are level with the sofa seat or slightly lower.

Custom-made benches and coffee tables

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