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Bar cabinets of solid wood

For storing alcohol in the living room, small, but sturdy and functional, solid wood bars are best suited. Home bars are beautifully decorated cabinets, adapted for holding bottles of wine, vodka and glasses. For many people, it is also a staple in living rooms or study rooms.

What is the function of bar cabinets  in a modern living room?

Percentage liquors are frequently given gifts that are received on various occasions. To store them, stylish alcohol bars made of high-quality solid wood are useful. They look great in any living room, and at the same time allow you to quickly make a toast when the right occasion arises. Alcohol vitrines are a quick and elegant way to serve alcohol and celebrate, for example, the New Year or success in a company.

It is increasingly common to find living rooms combined with kitchens, and as a result, various models of kitchen bars have become available:

  • Solid wood kitchen bar – a form of kitchen peninsula, which on one side adjoins the wall. This gives the impression of a visual border between the kitchen and living room. At the same time, it is suitable for storing various types of alcohol, usually inserted from the side of the room;
  • A large bar for the living room – a larger bookcase can be placed in the living room, which has room for wine and various types of alcohol; it will also fit more glasses. This makes it the perfect place to showcase a large collection of liquor and celebrate larger celebrations with friends;
  • Minibar for alcohol – those who are rather not fond of alcohol or have a small living room can opt for a small but very handy minibar;
  • Bar cabinets on wheels – for those who have a small room and complain about the lack of space for a normal bar for a large room, we also offer portable bars.

Choosing the best type of bar depends primarily on the amount of alcohol you have and aesthetic considerations.

Alcohol bar cabinet – a traditional decoration of the living room

Beautifully decorated solid wood alcohol bars are not uncommon as a decoration of the living room. They are made of wood, which is considered an extremely beautiful material with a unique grain pattern. Depending on the decor style of the room, sometimes modern living room bars in a different color will look better in the room. We give you the opportunity to choose any color of wood, depending on your needs! Also, the dimensions of the bar can be adjusted to your room – just one phone call to us is enough to make everything possible. Call now and see if we will make your dream liquor bar for you.

Exclusive liquor bar – why bet on a wooden bar for the living room?

Wood is a natural material that is used for many things, including furniture. It is naturally durable and does not require chemical treatment to be used as a bar. Because of its durability, wood is an excellent choice for a home living room.
If you are looking for a unique piece of furniture that will last for many years, wood is the right choice. Wood is a natural material that has been used by humans for thousands of years. It comes in many varieties, which means that there are different types of wood with different properties. Some species are better than others for use in barges because of their durability and resistance to moisture.
When choosing a type of wood to use in a bar, consider how well it will hold up over time, what types of finishes are available and what kind of maintenance it requires to keep it looking good for as long as possible.

Wooden liquor bars cabinet- an elegant bar in practice

Bars made of solid wood have several advantages over other types of bars. Solid wood bars are perfect not only for the living room, but also for restaurants, bars and pubs.
Bar furniture is a great way to store alcohol, as well as to serve it at home, as it allows you to keep it out of sight, while protecting it from dust and sunlight. The main advantage of this type of furniture is that it provides enough space to store bottles of different sizes.
A modern liquor bar cabinet is an excellent choice for a large living room or dining room. It has several advantages over other types of furniture. The first is its unique design, which makes it easy to distinguish it from other furniture models. Another advantage is the high quality of the wood and its resistance to moisture, scratches and other damage caused, for example, by the play of children or pets. Wooden bar cabinet  is not only beautiful, but also practical!

The advantage of wooden barstools is that they will fit into any style of interior. They can be used both in classic arrangements and in those modern ones with a minimalist style. The only limiting factor is the size of the bar – it should not be too small, as it will not look good in combination with large furniture, such as sofas and armchairs.
Wooden bars should be combined with other wooden furniture made of natural material, such as chairs made of wood or sofas decorated with leather upholstery, and other accessories made of wood.

How to find the perfect wooden bar for your favorite drinks?

The undeniable advantage of a wooden bar is that it does not need to be treated with special care. Solid wood furniture made of oak, pine or other types of wood will look the same for many years without any effort on our part. Decorative elements made of glass and metal can be easily scratched or even permanently damaged, but wooden shoulders are virtually indestructible.

A definite advantage of a wooden bar is its durability. The material used in its production means that you can use it for many years without any repairs or maintenance. In addition, solid wood furniture is unpretentious in terms of care – you do not need special tools or knowledge to maintain the good condition of the liquor cabinet. It is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth from time to time to remove dirt and dust accumulated on its surface.

In summary, the advantages of a wooden bar:

  • it is a very convenient way to store alcohol;
  • wooden bar is an excellent option for people who want to create an original interior design;
    solid wood furniture is made of environmentally friendly materials, so we can use it without worrying about its impact on nature;
  • wooden bar cabinet can be decorated with any kind of painting or finishing – paint, stain or varnish;
  • solid wood furniture is not only beautiful, but also durable. With proper care and maintenance, you can use a wooden bar for many years without any problems;
  • a solid wooden bar has enough space to store all the drinks. The main advantage of this type of furniture is that it can be placed almost anywhere in the house or apartment.