Solid wood furniture

Oak table tops. How to use solid table tops at home?

Oak table tops. How to use solid table tops at home?

Oak table tops. How to use solid table tops at home?

When we say ‘table top’, we associate it with kitchen countertop. After all, solid oak tabletops can be used in many other ways! Where do they have equally good application? And why is it worth investing in solid wood furniture? Among other things, this is what you will learn from our article. We invite you to read.

Since we meet in this place, you are probably at the stage of creating your home space. Regardless of whether you are arranging your first home or renovating well-known space, you are looking for clever and quality solutions. In this publication, we take ‘to the workshop’ oak table tops to table or office! After all, you can use them not only in kitchen. It is also good idea for interesting arrangement of even elegant office.

Modern dining table with table top according to your idea? Maybe an oak table top for bathroom? Limits are only in your imagination. Have we aroused your interest? Then get to know the possibilities offered by oak table tops and apply them in your four corners!

Oak table tops to kitchen

Oak table tops to kitchen

To the fact that kitchen is the bustling heart of every home, you do not need to convince anyone. Here atmosphere is hot, from breakfast to later at night. And Friday meetings with friends? For this reason, when designing kitchen space, it is not worth looking for unnecessary savings. It must be atmospheric, in ‘our style’, comfortable and… Qualitatively!

It is worth looking at the advantages that are served by custom-made furniture. Online we can check the offers of individual manufacturers and seek professional opinion. Later, custom-made oak table tops (or other types of wood) are adapted to private preferences. What does this mean in practice?

Solid table tops from RaWood – short history of long and satisfying use

In RaWood, oak table tops are made only of selected wood in class AB, BB glued from lamellas with tabletop length. We can also use them in dining room space or in kitchen. They will form beautiful whole with solid kitchen worktop.

Do you dream of extendable table for 12 people? We have proven solution for this! Oak table top for table with extra plates is created in the same way. With precision, sensitivity and heart. Table top with extra beds are made of one large tabletop, which allows you to maintain the continuity of grains throughout the oak table top made of solid wood. Natural beauty remains intact!

Lamellas, that is, elements of wood for gluing, have width of 7 to 12 cm. Gluing is carried out in the press. After gluing, oak table tops undergo machine and manual processing to obtain the highest quality smooth surface. The last stage is lacquering or oiling of table tops, according to the customer’s choice.

Good to know…

When choosing the type of painting, we suggest read our instructions for proper maintenance and cleaning of wooden furniture. Our choice has impact on further care, and consequently satisfactory use, for years. Oak table tops for the kitchen are valued for their incredible durability to mechanical injuries and any deformation. Properly impregnated, they are additionally resistant to moisture. We can be sure that kitchen created with their use will stand the test of time. Both when it comes to constantly changing arrangement trends and intensity of use.

Oak table tops for tables

So elegant dining room, like a dream! Who among us has not immediately imagined cozy space in which to debate until late at night? With tasty meals and equally exquisite drinks? And more festive moments? Oak table top fits perfectly into these guidelines. Price is secondary thing. It is worth paying extra for quality and comfort.

Oak table tops for tables

The biggest advantage of solid wood furniture to size is ability to perfectly fit into expectations. Not only in terms of our aesthetics, but also the specificity of space. The right size of table top, its color, form of finish, shade – everything remains at our discretion. Not only that – we can also opt for more or less sophisticated table legs. Solid and simple or light and more decorative. Depending on the style in which we want to decorate the house. Or what character the other pieces of equipment present. In the variant of individual design of solid wood furniture, freedom is a real ace up the sleeve. But that’s not all.

Oak table top – desk for office matched to other furniture

At RaWood, we do not want that choices our clients to be determined by arrangement restrictions. We offer custom-made furniture that fits into the individual aesthetics. We offer solid wood table tops that can be used in different spaces and flexibly combined with each other, achieving consistency of décor.

We started with kitchen table tops and those that make up dining tables. Now we smoothly move to the office. Solid wood desks will be included in the concept of the whole apartment. Exceptionally durable and solid oak desks we can create on the basis of your project. This means that you specify preferences for table top itself (size, color, finish), and we create it for your order. With full commitment.

One-two… And we have ready oak table top. Office still needs good legs…

And in this case, we leave full freedom. Here it is worth mentioning that tables with the unfolding function are created from start to finish by us. This assembly guarantees perfect harmony and satisfactory use.

Oak table top for the bathroom – resistant to time and… moisture

In recent years, arrangements that pay homage to nature have become more and more popular. That is why wood is very popular, also in modern bathroom designs. When deciding on oak table top for the bathroom, do we have to be afraid of its rapid destruction in contact with water? We answer quickly and briefly: NO.

All you need to do is take care of the proper impregnation and we will be able to enjoy its unchanging quality for years. No loss of comfort of use. What we need to do when applying oak table tops to the bathroom?

  • Systematically clean furniture from dust and do not lead to excessive dirt.
  • Wipe them dry, using a gently moistened and soft cloth.
  • Use only preparations for solid wood furniture with lacquered coating, without alcohol content and silicone derivatives.
  • Use only preparations and materials that will not lead to violation of the structure of solid wood furniture.
  • Keep minimum of one meter of distance from heat sources.
  • Do not put very warm and very cold objects directly on the table top.
  • Protect furniture from moisture. After each contact with water, wipe them dry.

Good to know…

Table top for the bathroom ordered from RaWood is protected with an additional layer of insulatate protecting the wood from moisture.

Bathroom table tops made of solid wood for self-finishing are also offered by Castorama. They will work in bathroom created in minimalist, loft and Scandinavian style.