Modern display cabinets to living room

Modern display cabinets to living room

Modern display cabinets: Match perfect model to your personality!

Interior of house says a lot about its owner. What furniture we choose for living room (classic or more original) betrays what we have in the soul! Check which modern display cabinets are best suited to your character.

Are you in the stage of arranging a new apartment? Maybe you want to bring a little variety to your space? In this article, you will find the answer for question of what modern display cabinets for living room is worth choosing, if in room is to appear a little ‘news’.

Presented models are not only an additional space for storing various things, but also ideal way to expose the decoration. Whether you prefer modern living room furniture, classic solutions or their combinations – we have interesting proposals for you. We show modern display cabinets of solid wood, that will fit into many arrangements.

You can choose in proven elegance or original furniture with character. There are a lot of variants. It is worth to organize your expectations and know what to look for when buying.


Classic display cabinets with glass and doors to living room

Oak display cabinet of solid wood is the perfect solution for those who like unique solutions. Spacious upper cabinet with three shelves with glass fronts – great place for your favorite books and things. Thanks to this guests will find in interior of our house things that will tell you what the owners like.

Display cabinets with wooden fronts is practical solution, as they give storage place for tableware, tablecloths or other things that do not need to be in view. Handmade display cabinet of solid oak wood will perfectly fit to other furniture in apartment. This model will like modern interiors, living room in industrial style and lesser-known combinations. It will be universal solution for years, regardless of changes in arrangement.

Big advantage will also be the ability to adapt to private preferences and needs. When you deciding to furniture for size (online or in shop), we can choose size of display cabinet, its color, number of shelves or type of handles, matching them to imagination in head. Thanks to this, we have guarantee that new furniture will definitely find its place in our house and will be perfect complement to it.

When we choosing classic display cabinet with glazing or wooden fronts, we choose timeless simplicity that never goes out of fashion. However, exceptional wooden furniture requires equally exceptional care. We wrote more about it HERE.

We move to the second category…

For people who love strong accents – originality is my middle name!

Now quick look at exclusive modern furniture for living room. Following proposals will appeal to fans of original arrangements with character. In such houses, every element even ‘screams’ that here resorted from tradition. This is confirmed by display cabinet Lemon.

Yellow color, eye-catching glazing, thanks to which you can present souvenirs from your home collection and use the classic white as background for the whole. This allowed you to get the perfect combination, which makes it difficult to walk past it indifferently. Literally – yellow focuses all attention on itself!

Originality, however, does not have to be so expressive. For those who like unprecedented solutions, which do not lack cool tone and class, dedicated is display cabinet to living room in industrial style.

Used for its production, solid oak wood can be in warmer honey shade, elegant mocca color or popular rustic color. We can also choose industrial display cabinet of pine wood. The main role here have handles made of hydraulic tubes, which give for display cabinet original industrial character. After all, playing with form of furniture is also great expression of yourself!

Display cabinets all of glass – for those who want to get to know each other!

Finally, the proposal only for brave. And for persons, who keep order! Do you think that when you invite someone to your home, you don’t have to hide anything from them? Do you not make secrets from things that you have in living room? Great! So you can choose display cabinet without wooden fronts. So for that, which is all made of glass.

This display cabinet allows you to get to know and present all the most precious things for the owner of house. Display cabinet with glass fronts will play more decorative than functional. You can set up your favorite souvenirs, books or flowers. Condition is one – keeping the dust in order and cleaning up frequently.

We know from experience that modern display cabinets for living room, which are entirely of glass, is not good in houses with very young children. Due to children’s safety and are then difficult to keep clean. But they are not effective there, if, of course, we wash windows!

Modern display cabinets to living room – summary

Display cabinet with wooden fronts provides additional space for tableware, tablecloths or other items that we want to hide in it. Display cabinet with glass fronts will allow you to expose your favorite decorations and books. We can choose furniture with partial glazing or buy model made whole of glass.

Whether you choose solid wood or glass furniture, you should to pay attention to quality of furniture. Display cabinets in living room is piece of equipment that ‘catches the eye’ and is supposed to be furniture for years. Therefore, it should be well made and perfectly fit into style of apartment.