Solid wood furniture

Industrial furniture – combination of steel and metal

Industrial furniture - combination of wood and metal

Industrial furniture – combination of steel and metal. Arrange living room, bedroom and bathroom!

Industrial furniture has been enjoying unflagging popularity for several years. Clever combination of natural wood with cool expression of metal has become at home not only in our living rooms. Stylizations using furniture in the industrial style also work well in minimalist bedroom, well-designed bathroom, from important arrangement of the kitchen, hallway and even in the garden space! However, it is not worth taking your word for it. In this article, we serve examples that you can use as inspiration!

At the opposite ends of soft fabrics, pompons and earth colors, characteristic of the boho style, there are more loft and cool proposals. Industrial furniture fits perfectly into them. Sharp in the form of word, leaving no understatements. It is the natural power of wood, surrounded by the company of metal. Strong contrast appealed to those expecting more than just element of home furnishings. Such points effectively attract eye and create the atmosphere of the entire interior. Let’s see how to arrange them well.

Industrial hallway furniture – great entrance

Our virtual tour of the dream apartment in the loft style begins, of course, from the hallway. Yes, even here industrial furniture is great. White ones are recommended especially when the entrance to our private world is quite narrow. Thanks to this, we will avoid visual load on space. In addition, the car will be custom-made furniture. Online we will choose model that suits us, and later we will adapt it to our space. There is no question of inconvenience of use or lack of fit!

Industrial chests of drawers in the hallway can act as roomy furniture for all kinds of hats, scarves, hats and even shoes. At the top of the solid wood chest of drawers there will still be a lot of space for basket ‘for important things’ – for example, keys or documents for the car.

Industrial furniture for living room

Wooden furniture for living room is sign that taste and weakness for the highest quality live in the house. Oak tables with metal legs, TV cabinets (modern or in more classic style)… Exclusive furniture for the living room will make the space absolutely unique and impossible to fake.

Modern furniture to living room in industrial style can be combined with other elements of the décor that differ from this characteristic climate. Oak furniture for the living room, if left in the same color palette, will perfectly tune in to metal accessories. We can also decide to go little crazy and make the star of space one of the elements of the interior. Rich offer leaves us a lot of room to show off.

Industrial dining tables are effective eye-catcher. Well chosen, they invite you to long conversations and celebrate special moments. If our living room is not large in size, it is worth considering the folding ones. Then we will always be prepared to receive possible guests, and ‘in everyday life’ we will not overload the space. Modern dining tables from the manufacturer allow you to adjust the size and color to our preferences. This will please especially very demanding customers, for whom the home space must be really refined to perfection.

Industrial oak loft display cabinet to living room office MERIS

Industrial furniture to living room can also play the role of 2in1. That is, to be ornament in itself and place for the most necessary things! We’re in hurry to set good example. Solid wood display cabinet with metal legs looks impressive. It draws attention practically from the entrance. At the top it will accommodate interesting containers, and in its interior a lot of important trifles for us. Thanks to the glazed door, we will show their beauty in all its glory. Favorite books, holiday souvenirs or vases collected for years? They will be a beautiful complement to this modern display cabinet to living room.

Industrial bathroom furniture

Stylistic consistency throughout the living space is important. If we decide on loft, industrial style, let’s not forget to invite him to the bathroom. Offer of bathroom furniture is not as rich as in the case of living room equipment elements, but determined will find interesting gems. Even on the web!

We can opt for furniture made of solid wood to size or from laminated board. The latter option is more economical. However, it should be remembered that it is associated with a decrease in durability.

What finish of bathroom will fit into wooden furniture with metal elements? Here it is worth to bet on cool grays, always the right white or black standing on the opposite side. And also their tasty combinations. Coolness of sophisticated minimalism can be broken by the greenery of plants and fragrant candles. It will be elegant and classy.

Another interesting solution may be floor tiles in the form of mosaic. Here, however, caution will be useful and remain faithful to the previously mentioned colors. Otherwise, we can lead to an arrangement ‘mess’.

Furniture of solid wood and metal in industrial style

Industrial furniture to bedroom

Good sleep? Only in well-designed interior. In the bedroom, we don’t have to give up the combination of wood and metal, fearing excessive ‘cooling’ of this space. If the other rooms have been decorated in this style, let’s focus on stylistic fidelity.

For gray or white walls and black accessories, the industrial style fits perfectly. It gives the bedroom elegance and mystery. Who is afraid of too ‘factory’ climate, can appropriately ‘break it’ with interesting additions. And here it will be useful to base on the previously mentioned colors. It is important to mix them with each other, based on contrast. Using, for example, only the gray shade in accessories, on walls and furniture, we will create bedroom monolith! If not, this is our stylistic assumption – let’s combine classic grays with refined black. Let’s add lightness to the whole, thanks to warm shades of white. How about using them in the form of an interesting bedspread or pillows for the bed?

Solid wood furniture is becoming more and more famous, so you should easily find your dream model for yourself. Examples of typical loft beds don’t have to look far! Wood is wrapped here with black, creating really sophisticated combination. It’s a pity to close your eyes to sleep!

If the bedroom is of considerable size, we can also try to create place to work. Industrial office furniture well suited to the bed can decorate the space. And we, using an oak desk with metal legs, will create an additional, cozy ‘corner for work’. Industrial desks – you will also find in our offer!