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Conference table with an oak top

Conference tables are not only a place of business meetings, but also a kind of business card of a given company. The tables from our offer have wooden countertops made of solid oak wood. The mentioned oak top combined with a metal base gives an extremely stylish and elegant effect. Check how to choose the right office table to make it a coherent element of the interior.

Stół dębowy Vita II - realizacja

How to choose the right conference table?

The choice of conference table can affect the effectiveness of meetings and the general appearance and functionality of the conference space. Here are some issues that are worth paying attention to when choosing a conference table:

  • Size and shape: Make sure the table size is suitable for the conference space and the number of people who will participate in the meetings. The shape of the table (e.g. rectangular, round, oval) can affect the dynamics of meetings. Round tables are conducive to equality in conversations, while rectangular tables allow easier organization of documents.
  • Material and quality: Choose a solid material that is easy to keep clean and resistant to damage. Oak wood from which we create our oak countertops ensure durability for many years. On the surface of the countertop, we use varnishes or oils for impregnation of oak wood.
  • Functionality: Check that the table has additional functions, such as electric sockets, a place for wires, or height adjustment. If you anticipate frequent meetings with presentations, pay attention to functions that facilitate the use of multimedia devices.
  • Style and design: make sure that the style of the table fits the overall decor of the room and represents the character of a company or institution. Choose classic, timeless patterns that will not quickly go out of fashion.
    Ergonomics: It is worth ensuring that the table height is adapted to the comfort of the meeting participants. Conference seats should be ergonomic and comfortable, and office tables provide free space in the room.

Classic or modern office table?

The conference room or office is a place of important business meetings. It is worth focusing on a table model that not only ensures functional use, but is also a coherent element of arrangement. The wooden top can be matched to the office’s style, all you have to do is change the color of the wood. This is a perfect solution that makes the same table model look completely different depending on the color of oak wood.

  • Modern conference tables: Office tables are characterized not only by design but also functionality. These are models equipped with special holes for cables and other equipment. You can adapt any table to your needs by sending a sketch/design or describing the changes we are to make. Conference tables that will match the modernist interior are models such as Verda, Borneo or Pharell.
  • Oak tables to the office: Depending on what your company looks and what it does, put on a uniform style when equipping the interior. The conference table is made of oak wood perfectly warms the room and will give coziness. Venice, Toscania and Dante are our proposal of wooden tables that are great in the office.


stół BORNEO - realizacja

Order a conference table to a size

In our wide offer you will find tables in various sizes. We encourage you to check our table offer. If you like the model you can change its dimensions. How to do it? All you have to do is fill out the “Table” form and determine what changes you need. You can also order a table for an office according to an individual project. By ordering a piece of furniture to our online store you will receive an individual quote and a preliminary furniture design.

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