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Bedroom bedside table – what to look for?

Night cabinets are an indispensable attribute of the bedroom. The bedside cabinets by the bed provide us with access to items that are at your fingertips and thanks to this we can fully enjoy rest and relaxation. It is night tables that work as a place to store newspapers, glasses or alarm clock. There is also a glass of water here. The night table is the perfect place for a bedside lamp, which will allow you to read your favorite book with its light. We suggest what to look for when choosing bedside tables.

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How to choose the right bedside table?

The choice of the right bedside table depends on many factors, such as the decorative style of the bedroom, individual preferences, space available in the room, as well as the functionality you expect from the furniture. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right tables and bedside tables for each bedroom:

  • Decorative style:
    Choose a bedside table that matches the overall decorative style of the bedroom. For example, if you have a modern style bedroom, pay attention to furniture with straight lines and minimalist design. For a classic style bedroom, there can be a suitable bedside table with decorative details. We offer night cabinets matching the Scandinavian, industrial or modern style – a wooden night table is a good choice for years.
  • Size and space:
    Measure the available space next to the bed to make sure that the bedside table will be the right size. Remember to keep the right distances between the furniture to avoid embroidering space near the bed.
  • Functionality:
    Think about what functions are important to you. Do you need a bedside table with drawers to store trifles? Do you care about additional shelves or open spaces for storing books or other items?
  • Height:
    Make sure that the height of the bedside table is suitable for the height of the bed. It should be low enough to easily reach for things placed on its surface and have the necessary things on hand.
  • Material and quality:
    Pay attention to the material from which the bedside table is made. We offer furniture made of solid materials, models made of wood or metal, which are more durable and will serve for years. Take a look at our offer and choose your dream furniture for the bedroom.
  • Color:
    Choose a color that matches the color of the bedroom. You can bet on a contrasting color for the designer effect or choose something in a tone similar to the rest of the furniture.
  • Consider additional functions:
    Some bedside tables have additional functions, such as LED lighting, electrical sockets or USB ports. If they are important to you, pay attention to furniture offering these additional amenities.

Remember that choosing a bedside table depends mainly on your personal preferences and functional needs. Try to adapt the choice of furniture to the rest of the bedroom decor, creating a coherent and pleasant space.

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How to arrange a bedside table?

Arranging the bedside table can affect the overall appearance and functionality of the bedroom. Here are some ideas on how to beautifully arrange the bedside table:

  • Bedside lamp:
    Place the bedside lamp on the table. Choose lighting that fits the bedroom style and will provide enough reading light.
  • Books and Reading Room:
    Set some favorite books or magazines on the bedside table if you like to read before bedtime. This adds not only the function, but also character.
  • Boxes and containers:
    Apply boxes or baskets on the bedside table to keep order. You can store various items, such as glasses, nail file, lip balm, etc.
  • Clock:
    If you don’t use an alarm clock on your phone, put a classic clock on the bedside table. This is a practical and decorative addition.
  • Potted plants:
    Potted plants can add freshness to the bedroom. Bet on a small pot with a plant that grows well in sleeping conditions, for example, orchid.
    If you often drink tea or coffee in bed, place the cup stands on the bedside table to avoid stains.
  • Decorative elements:
    Add decorative elements such as photo frames, mini sculptures, candles or decorative cups. However, avoid excess to keep order.
  • Fragrances:
    Use an air flavor or a scented candle to introduce a pleasant smell into the bedroom.
  • Light artistic movement:
    If you have space, you can hang a small art or mirror above the bedside table to add layers and visual interest.
  • Cable organization:
    If there are many electronic devices on the bedside table, remember to organize cables to maintain aesthetics.

Remember that the key to a successful arrangement of the bedside table is the balance between functionality and aesthetics. Adapt it to your needs and taste to create a pleasant and practical place in the bedroom.

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Order a coincidence of solid wood to size

We create not only night cabinets, but also other custom -made furniture. If you dream of a functional bedside table, put on an individual solution and matching to your bedroom. We offer modern bedside tables or oak night tables that are great in Scandinavian bedrooms. Depending on the style of the interior and your requirements, choose bedside tables tailored to you! We also create nightclubs to the individual bedside cabinets. Send us your inspirations and dimensions that will help us make your modern night cabinet a real furniture. You can create a classic table with LED lighting that will be different than all!

We are a manufacturer of furniture such as bedside tables, tables, sites and oak dressers

We create furniture to order and according to individual projects.
Send us your inspirations and we’ll take care of the rest!


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