Are wood and metal furniture going out of fashion?

Czy meble z drewna i metalu sa modne

The combination of two different materials creates furniture in a rustic, industrial style, which is characterized above all by its exceptional character. The original form which opposes the passage of time is one of a kind. Such furniture is undoubtedly a timeless element of interior furnishings.

Examples of furniture

Among the most frequently produced furniture made of wood and metal are beds, tables and chests of drawers. There are different variations of this furniture, but the leitmotif is the same: the frame or legs are made of metal. Tables are used in kitchens as well as on terraces and are characterized by their exceptional durability and lightness. The number of furniture that can be given a new and unique look by adding metal elements is inexhaustible. Nowadays light, very subtle metal constructions are used for production, so that the material does not crush the aesthetics and does not appear too dominant. As before, wood is the most important material in furniture construction.

An imperishable fashion

From a temporal point of view it can be seen that furniture made of wood and metal resist the transience with success. The fashion furniture does always return, which is also noticeable. Today it is the most recent trend; Furniture from wood and metal decorate not only apartments and houses but also lofts, which are projected in the industrial style. Such furniture is not produced in series.

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