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An oak chest of drawers in the living room – practical and fashionable

An oak chest of drawers for the living room is an elegant and functional piece of furniture, perfect for storing various items. Made of solid oak wood, it is characterized by durability and natural beauty. It often has numerous drawers and shelves that facilitate organization. Its classic design and warm shade of wood bring a cozy atmosphere to the interior, perfectly matching various interior design styles, from modern to traditional.

Oak chest of drawers for the living room – how to choose the right one?

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Choosing the right oak chest of drawers for the living room can significantly affect the functionality and aesthetics of the room. Here are some steps to consider when choosing a chest of drawers:

1. Determining the needs and functions of the chest of drawers

  • Storage: Consider what you will store in the dresser. Do you need more drawers for small items or larger cabinets for larger items?
  • Display: If you plan to display decorations on the chest of drawers, consider its height and the surface of the top.

    2. Dimensions and proportions

  • Available space: Measure the space where you plan to place the chest of drawers. Pay attention to the width, height and depth of the furniture so that it fits perfectly into the available space.
  • Proportions: Make sure the chest of drawers is proportionate to the other furniture in the living room. A chest of drawers that is too large may overwhelm the space, and one that is too small may look disproportionate.

    3. Style and design

  • Interior style: Choose a chest of drawers that matches the style of your living room. It can be modern, classic, rustic, Scandinavian, etc. style.
    Details: Pay attention to details such as handles, legs, finishes. They can add character and consistency with the rest of the interior.

    4. Material and finish

  • Oak: Oak is a durable and elegant wood that gives the interior warmth and class. Check whether the chest of drawers is made of solid oak wood or oak veneer.
  • Finish: Choose a finish that highlights the natural beauty of the oak. It may be oiling, varnishing or waxing. Pay attention to the color – light, natural, tinted.

    5. Quality of workmanship

  • Solidity: Check whether the chest of drawers is solidly made. Well-made furniture will be durable and resistant to damage.
  • Drawers and doors: Make sure drawers slide out easily and doors open and close smoothly. Pay attention to the mechanisms and hinges.

    6. Functionality

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  • Storage layout: Consider the layout of drawers and cabinets. Do you need more smaller drawers or larger spaces? Do you want your dresser to have open shelves?
  • Additional features: Some chests of drawers have additional functions, such as pull-out tops, built-in shoe shelves, space for electronic equipment, etc
  • 7. Aesthetics and decorations

  • Consistency with the interior: Make sure that the chest of drawers harmonizes with the rest of the furniture and decorations in the living room. You can choose it based on color, texture and style.

Decoration options: Choose a chest of drawers that will look good with decorations such as lamps, plants, photos or candles.

8. Budget

  • Price: Oak is a high-quality material, so oak chests of drawers may be more expensive. Set a budget and look for a dresser that offers the best value within that budget.
  • Investment: Remember that oak furniture is an investment for years, so it is worth spending more on a durable and beautiful piece of furniture.
    Example selection criteria:
  • Interior style: Scandinavian, modern, rustic, classic.
    Type of storage: More drawers for small items or larger cabinets for large items.
  • Finish: Natural, oiled, varnished.
  • Dimensions: Adapted to the available space in the living room.
  • Details: Handles, legs, finishes.

When choosing an oak chest of drawers for the living room, it is worth carefully considering your needs, interior style and available space. Make sure that the chest of drawers you choose is solidly made, functional and aesthetic. Oak is a beautiful and durable material that will certainly add elegance and warmth to your living room.

Oak chest of drawers for the living room with drawers or cabinets – what to choose?
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The choice between an oak chest of drawers and one with cabinets depends on several factors, including your storage needs, interior style and personal preferences. Here are some aspects worth considering:

Advantages of a chest of drawers:

  • Organization: Drawers allow you to better organize your items. They can be easily divided into categories, making it easier to find what you need.
  • Easy access: Drawers provide easy access to the contents, which is especially convenient for smaller items.
    Aesthetics: Chests of drawers often have a more structured and symmetrical look.
  • Advantages of chests of drawers with cabinets:
    Space: Cabinets offer more space for larger items such as books, decorations, and tableware.
  • Flexibility: Cabinets can be more flexible when it comes to storing different types of items. They can be equipped with additional shelves or organizers.
    Style: Cabinets can add a classic or traditional feel to a room, especially if they have ornate doors.
  • Practical tips:
    Determine your needs: Consider what you will store in the dresser. If you have a lot of small items, drawers will work better. If you have larger items, cabinets will be more suitable.
  • Check space availability: Measure the available space in the living room and make sure the chest of drawers will fit. Remember that cabinet doors need more space to open than drawers.
  • Consider style: Choose a chest of drawers that matches the style of your living room. Oak wood is universal and elegant, but it is important that the shape and finish of the furniture harmonize with the rest of the interior.
  • Summary:
    Chest of drawers: Better organization, easy access, modern look.
    Chest of drawers with cabinets: More space, storage flexibility, classic style.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your individual needs and preferences. You can also consider a chest of drawers that combines both types of storage – with drawers in the upper part and cabinets in the lower part. This may be a compromise that offers the best of both worlds.

What to put on an oak chest of drawers in the living room?

Decorating an oak chest of drawers in the living room is a great way to highlight its natural beauty and add style to the interior. Here are some suggestions for what you can put on such a chest of drawers, along with a description and suggestions on how to arrange it all:

1. A vase of flowers or potted plants

  • Vase with flowers: Place an elegant vase with a bouquet of fresh flowers, e.g. tulips, roses or lilies. Flowers will bring color and freshness.

Houseplants: Choose a medium-sized houseplant, such as a monstera or succulents, in a stylish pot.

2. Table lamps

  • Night lamp: Choose a lamp with an interesting base and lampshade, which will not only be a source of light, but also a decoration. A lamp with brass or ceramic elements will be perfect.

Decorative lamp: It can be modern or classic, depending on the style of the interior.

3. Photo and picture frames

  • Family photos: Several frames in different sizes with your favorite photos. They can be arranged in one line or slightly asymmetrical for a more casual effect.

Small Paintings: Small prints or art reproductions.

4. Candles and candlesticks

  • Scented candles: In elegant jars that will match the colors of the living room. Candles can be of different heights.

Candlesticks: Made of brass, glass or ceramics. They can be classic or modern, depending on the rest of the decoration.

5. Decorative trays

  • Small Item Tray: Can be used to store keys, jewelry or other small items. Choose a tray in marble, wood or metal.

Candle tray: You can place several candles in different sizes on this tray.

6. Books and magazines

  • Stack of Books: Several stylish books arranged horizontally. You can place a small plant or a decorative figurine on them. Let’s add items for younger readers and such a decoration can be found in a teenager’s room.

Magazines: Arrange a few current magazines in an elegant rack or loosely on a dresser. An interesting reading item will be useful in any interior.

7. Figurines and sculptures

  • Decorative figurines: These can be small bronze, ceramic or wooden sculptures that will add character. Stylish chests of drawers highlighted with aesthetic objects look unique in a modern interior.

Travel souvenirs: If you have interesting items from your travels, they can be great decorative items.

8. Mirrors

  • Small standing mirror: Adds depth and reflects light, making the space appear larger and brighter.
  • Decorative mirror: Can be the focal point of the dresser decoration.
  • Creating a composition:
  • Layering: Place taller items (like lamps or vases) at the back and shorter items (like candles or frames) at the front. Elegant wooden chests of drawers don’t look good when they are overloaded with decorations.
  • Symmetry and balance: If you prefer symmetry, place similar elements on both sides of the dresser. Otherwise, play with asymmetry for a more dynamic look.
  • Colors: Make sure that the colors of the decoration match the color of the oak and the rest of the living room decor.
  • Sample arrangement:
  • Left side: An elegant table lamp, next to it a pot with a plant.
  • Center: Vase with flowers or decorative tray with candles.
  • Right side: Several books arranged horizontally, with a small figurine or a photo frame on them.

This composition will allow you to create a coherent and aesthetic arrangement that will emphasize the natural beauty of the oak chest of drawers and add charm to the living room.

Custom-made chest of drawers for the living room
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Our wide offer includes chests of drawers in various sizes. Check out our offer of solid wood chests of drawers. However, if you like a given model, you can change its dimensions. How to do it? Just fill out the ‘Customize the chest of drawers’ form and specify what changes you need. We produce chests of drawers without a base and chests of drawers with high legs, which will be a perfect solution for your interior. Standard dimensions will not look good in every room, so for people who value individualism, custom-made furniture is a good solution. When ordering custom-made furniture in our online store, you will receive an individual quote and a preliminary design of the furniture. Then you can be sure that the ordered chest of drawers model will match the style of the rest of the furniture. Modern oak chests of drawers look great in the living room, and due to the versatility of wood, they also fit perfectly into a teenager’s room. In our online store you will find not only oak chests of drawers for the living room, but also stylish cabinets, dining tables and glass display cabinets.

We are a manufacturer of custom-made oak furniture
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